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Free Bridges — Will They Be History?

It was always nice to have the option– pay for the Midtown Tunnel and get to the Village or Midtown faster, or battle with 59th Street Bridge or the BQE, and the crowded Williamsburg Bridge — but save the toll. Sometimes, it was six of one and half-a-dozen of the other, because you could burn so much gas on the BQE backup that you might as well have paid the tolland sometimes the choice was clear. But you had the choice!

Now, they want to put a toll on previously-free bridges, as an alternative to raising MTA fares. When I first heard, it seemed like a plan; we should be taking more mass-transit anyway! And of course, Bloomberg now has a platform to yell at us like naughty children — on the news, he said something like “See? I had the perfect solution — congestion pricing — and you didn’t want that” Okay, Uncle Mike — we get the point. So here’s another way we can stick it to the “bridge-and-tunnel” crowd.

But here’s what I want to know: let’s say they DO work out a method to collect tolls [since toll-booths are near-impossible, they are talking about a machine that will read your license plate, and bill the driver later — good luck!], how high do we have to raise the stakes before people WILL say “hmmm…..this is just like congestion-pricing after all. AND, congestion pricing wasn’t supposed to be in effect on the weekends anyway. Are they thinking of making the 59th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges free on weekends? My guess is “no”.

In other words, was it the intention all along to present options to the “bridge-and-tunnel” crowd [of which I am one, by the way] that turn out to be just as bad, or even worse for private cars, than congestion pricing? And how high can the stakes go, before car-dependent suburbanites will finally load their families onto commuter railroads for their day in the city? What is the tipping point when private drivers will leave the cars home?

The Brooklyn Bridge is now free, but would charge a toll under the new proposed plan

The Brooklyn Bridge is now free, but would charge a toll under the new proposed plan

Strolling around in Chinatown

This picture is one of my snaps which I took a few weeks ago, strolling around in Chinatown, on to the LES. Gotta admit that that particular area is probably one of my favorites spots of “the city” (aka Manhattan). Just always lots of things to see, places to go and people to meet.
If you ever find yourself over there in the early morning hours, head on deeper into Chinatown and look for all the seafood restaurants that have fish tanks in the windows. Looking at them is even somewhat scary during the day – lopster and fish so trapped PETA would go postal on sight. Take the scenery to night time and it eats away on you.



Maybe it’s just me, but this summer has been pretty awesome in terms of overall weather condition and everything. I just loved it over here in your city [NYC]. This is one of my favorite snaps which I took walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Even though I have to go back and I do look forward to people over there in Berlin, I am also gonna miss this place a lot, lot, lot, …

How to Find a Quality Public Toilet While Roaming the City

Okay, where were these people in the early 90s when I was an airline and hotel sales rep with a bladder the size of a pea? I know — TMI !!

Anyway, if you’re out and about, and gotta go, you have a google for toilets. Called Diaroogle

there\'s help if you gotta go while on the run

there's help if you gotta go while on the run

, they describe themselves as “The Premier Toilet Search Engine”, and go on to say that they cater to “the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience.”

You can access from your cellphone [more likely the situation], or check it out on your laptop. Oh, and they ask for input from users, and focus on the nicer toilets in town. My advice as an experienced pro– find a hotel or a Starbucks

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