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NYC Needs Your Blank

NYC is calling you for service. After living here for a long while, it’s time that the city can benefit from us. Sure they’re charging 25 cents more now on the subway, but it’s also because we have more people living here now than ever before.

I’ve never found myself defending the MTA before today, but it’s much more than that. Less jobs, less money, less food, less housing, less luxuries.

But the same isn’t true for all. We have talents, ideas and can use them to help the people out as needed. So check out the above link and see if you can stand up and help the city that you love.

Spread the love, NYC

Spread the Love, NY

Spread the Love, NY

Attention lovers of NYC. Today was a long day of love exchanges of the material kind.

I’d like to reflect upon the day and hope that we can extend this essential character of ourselves that is known as LOVE to those around us on a daily basis.

Here’s a small list of things that New Yorkers can now do to show more love to one another each day. Practice one on the next day you’re out:

  1. Wait for the next train if it is too packed.
  2. Hold the door open for the person behind you.
  3. Smile at tourists + strangers who stare or smile at you.
  4. Give proper directions to those who need it.
  5. Greet your bus driver.
  6. Strike up a conversation with someone at a coffee shop.
  7. Thank everyone who helps you directly or indirectly on a daily basis. (doorman, delivery person, janitor, spouse, friend, relative)
  8. Help anyone who obviously needs it without expecting anything – not even a thank you.
  9. Refer a friend to a job you know they’d be good at.
  10. Curb after your pets.
  11. Don’t honk the horn . . . as much.
  12. Give back to your community – volunteer your time to a local charity, be involved in something bigger than yourself.
  13. Meditate – be aware of your self as you walk, talk, think and exist.

In a city focused strongly on finance, money, and the art of insomnia, these tips above give you an alternate life. One that is more fulfilling, gratifying and rewarding than anything a job can give you.

At a time when unemployment continues to rise and tougher times face us, I find that these small ways of giving back make each day a better one for your self and those around us. Let’s truly make our city (and state) slogan of I <3 NY mean something.

With love, from me to you.



I captured this from a wall in Chinatown, and it kinda got me thinking. I feel like sometimes, the message is simple and strong. I wish there was more like that.

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