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Do You Remember NYC 1973? "Life on Mars" is Dead-On

Where were you in 1973? Were you even born yet? I was watching “All in the Family” on TV, Nixon was President, gas was well under $1 a gallon, and we listened to Cat Stevens, the Moody Blues, and Led Zeppelin on 8-track tape players. Many of us still had rotary phones, my dad’s car had big-ass fins, and some of my neighbors had been drafted to Vietnam. And “the city” was a dangerous place — 42nd St west of Broadway was one porn-show or peep-show palace after another, with streetwalkers [prostitutes] lining the streets in broad daylight. SoHo, TriBeCa, and NoLiTa were barely ideas, and the Bronx was burning! The World Trade Center was in its infancy.

If you want to go back to NYC nostalgia, or want to appreciate how far we’ve come. Or even if you are like me — secretly longing for a little of the grittiness again [oh that colorful subway graffiti!], catch tonight’s second episode of “Life on Mars” [ABC, 10pm]. If nothing else, the hairstyles are a hoot, and last week I caught a Gremlin [car] on the street. They really are dead-on with the details! Oh, and the political-incorrectness! Every young girl should note the disrespect to women, and appreciate what we burned our bras for!

"Ugly Betty" Will Film in NYC

In a “it should have been that way all along” move, ABC announced this week that its hit series “Ugly Betty” will move to NYC and start filming in the city where the series actually takes place. The fictional Betty works at Mode Magazine in Manhattan, and lives with her family in Jackson Heights, so it’s a natural fit for the show to film here.

And Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Paterson welcome the show, whose NYC filming will create about 200 jobs. ABC is also benefiting from a 35% cut in state and city taxes as a result of the move. People in Jackson Heights are hoping they will film in that neighborhood. When they see street closures and the lineup of trailers, they may eat those words.

Not to mention, the new opportunities for NYC actors, who formerly depended on “Law and Order” for NYC TV roles.

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