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Soy milk survey results

So the overwhelming and somewhat surprising results are offcially in. Most people order soy milk because they are lactose intolerant.

Coming in at a close 2nd is that because people actually prefer the taste of soy and nut based milks to the taste of regular milk.

Among the “Other” answers given, some people don’t take milk at all in their coffee while some others do not know whether the milk being used by their particular shop is organic or not. As in, they do not know if the cows whose milk they’re drinking has been ethically derived or not. So these are all legitimate reasons.

The sneaky reason I had for taking this survey was because sometimes when I visit Abraco Espresso, they are out of their freshly made almond milk. This is due to people that I thought were ordering almond because they thought it had less fat. The survey shows that this is not the case – most people are lactose intolerant or just prefer the taste. So what happens when vegans actually go into the shop is we get screwed. Because while someone who likes the taste has been hogging all the almond milk, we will have no milk substitute available for us.

Anyhow, what I learned was that people just love the taste of milk alternatives or they are lactose intolerant – as is most of the world. But sometimes they’ll just bite the bullet and get regular milk.

I should become a market researcher. . . . . . NOT (channeling Borat).

Selfish Drivers

Finding parking in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn has got unbearably bad over the past couple of years.

And what makes it worse is really selfish drivers. On many an occasion I have seen cars parked a few feet away from the end of the block. Surely no car was parked there earlier that warranted the car to be parked the way it is. Have two cars like this in a row and for every three spots you have just two cars parked.

Just last week and again today, I see someone parking their car bang in the middle of two open spots. In both cases I had to pull up and ask them to move their car back or front so I could also park. If I was not there at that instant, they would have just parked and gone away.

I realize there is no rule to force them to park so as not to take up two vacant spots, but isn’t it the right thing to do.

The guy today who parked was already out of his car and then made a big fuss about getting back in. However I have a big SUV (ok ok I know!) and he realized that one way or the other I was going to try to squeeze in and would invariably bump his car. Only then did he get in his car and pull back freeing up one entire car parking spot.

Other than dismissing these drivers as assholes, is there something that can be done. Or does one just swallow it and move on ?

Melissa’s Tough Love: Meeting a Potential Date on the Street

If by some chance you have the guts to chat up a woman on the street, talk the talk, and be charming enough to get her number, here are a few things you should NOT do if you want to actually see her again.

1. Don’t call her the same night at 11pm to see if she wants to get together – especially if you have a tone in your voice that sounds like you’re looking for some action.

2. When she doesn’t call you back, it’s because she didn’t appreciate your gesture so it’s best to just lose her number.

3. Don’t call her a month later (clearly drunk) at 5am and leave a message telling her that you just had a dream about her and describe the dream in detail. Remember, you had a 5 minute conversation in the street… A MONTH AGO! You’re strangers.

Idiot. No self respecting woman will think that ANY of that is cute and she won’t call you back and waste an ounce of her breath on you either.

Clearly, this guy doesn’t have a clue. However, if you do meet a random woman on the street and want to increase your chances of seeing her again, think about calling her the next day (don’t send her a text, it’s cowardly) tell her it was nice to meet her and ask her if she’d like to go out sometime.
Simple, but it works.

The Apple Store—no longer trustworthy

We recently tried to get my sister’s 4th generation iPod fixed. There is a common problem amongst this generation of iPods and it’s that they stop playing music. You will see the batteries remain the same the playlists will function and the iPod even works on docking stations, it’s just that you can’t hear a thing out of the headphone jack.

When we went to the Apple store at Roosevelt field mall. The “genius” attending to us flat out told us that there is no way to open up the iPod as it is designed in a sealed manner. If this were truly the case then there should be a lawsuit against the company for creating a product that is essentially unfixable.

But later when we returned to more tech savvy means and Googled the issue, we found this video on Vimeo that shows not only that the iPod can be opened but that the issue can be fixed.

This was not the first month when Apple has let me down. The same store in Roosevelt Field told me that my streaming videos will no longer play as they used to. Not only that but while in the process of attempting a fix that I suggested to them, they even messed up my Garage Band.

But it gets better, I asked my friend who works at the Apple Store on 5th avenue as a “genius” to resolve the issue. He asked his colleagues and they could not resolve it either.

So while the fault not may be within the liars at the store—it may be with the brass at Apple who seems to have taken a more evil route upon the success of its brand.

How the world sees NYC and the U.S.

80's forevaaa

80's forevaaa

As the 2008 elections come closer, it is now more clear than ever before that the world has an important stake in this election. So, coverage of the U.S. economy and events are primary content for many international news channels. A particular channel called Zee News is broadcast via satellite into the homes of many Indians in the U.S. While they seem to do an OK job on capturing Indian sentiments on the U.S. situation (they interviewed parents with kids studying in American universities last night) when they tried to get the U.S. point of view, their footage was limited to B-roll (video you see when there is voice over going on in a newscast) from the 1980s.

How did I know that the footage was from the 80s? Well, they showed Wall Street with people that looked like our friend in the photo to your left. Lots of people looking like him were walking around and the analog quality footage, graffiti reminiscent of a scene from “Coming to America” sprayed on the back of a newspaper van were also key indicators that we were watching OLD footage. After this, they cycled through footage of Capitol Hill and some other random 80s shots of U.S.—completely unrelated to the topic at hand. So, is this how the world views the U.S. still? I hope not.

Unfortunately when I watched the Zee News cast, I was at an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Queens with no one to share the comedy with. I’m glad I have you beautiful people to do that with here. If you want to see more 80s photos, go this blog.

Paris Sandwich Calls me a Terrorist

It all starts this Saturday noon, with my craving for some grilled pork Banh-Mi from one of my favorite (not any more) vietnamese sandwich shops Paris Sandwich.

I go into Paris Sandwich at 113 Mott St. (Betn. Hester and Canal) and order a sandwich and other stuff for a takeaway. My total comes to 14$. I give my card to the cashier and she tells me there is a minimum of $15 dollars for using a card. Thats a first for me from this store, which I have been to in the past.

Having a minimum is against the merchant policy laid out by Mastercard and Visa and I tell the cashier the same. She does not understand what I say, so I ask to speak to the manager. She goes to call the manager and comes back and says something to the extent that manager says sorry. I ask to speak to the manager at which time a lady comes out and asks me what the problem is. I tell her that it is unfair of her establishment to have a minimum policy on credit card transactions. While I am telling her this, the real manager, a guy in his early 30’s walks up and tells me to either follow the policy or leave.

Well, I tell him that I am leaving and that it still does not make his policy correct. I also inform him that I will file a complaint with MC and VISA via their online link. And I walk out of the store.


Warm Apple Cider with a View

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment in NYC with a view overlooking Central Park, any body of water, or the general beauty that is the NYC skyline, today is one of those days that all the money you paid for the place is worth it.

Crisp, cool, clear, and absolutely a welcoming mat to the fall season, today, October 2nd, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and my uncle (who makes me call him GREAT uncle), is just perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better day.

Have yourself some warm apple cider and get lost in open-eyed meditation of observing the beauty around us. Love.

Street Festivals in NYC Should Be Whacked!

Street Festivals Suck!

Besides being a nuisance to those living in neighborhoods, street festivals in New York City need to take the route of the squeegee men. They must be systematically eliminated or at least limited to a few every year.

Not only are these festivals generic, simplistic, and mass produced – they clog up the already narrow and much needed streets. It’s like U.N. Week every Sunday in some neighborhoods of Manhattan. There’s no way around or through certain areas.

Getting rid of these festivals would save the city tons of hassle and would also improve the lives of those living in the areas drastically by reducing the noise and digestive pollution that they carry. Not to mention, you’ll save a lot of cash instead of buying fake Pashima shawls and branded purses along with “authentic” trinkets made in China.

Trick for Ticket Avoidance

Yesterday I was driving in NJ, before I was in Queens in awe of echoes. Well, we were lost as is usually the case when I am in the Garden State.

On the street, I was about to make an illegal U-Turn (crossing a double striped line) and from the street to my left a police car was turning in my direction. If I had gone ahead with the full turn, I would have been in trouble. But instead, I used my inched-in positioning on top of the double-do-not-cross line to gain favor of the police officers.

Acting gullibly, I asked “Do you know how to get to 9 West?” Well, then he spoke with his passenger-side officer about the dilemma and they discussed while 10 cars waited behind them – holding traffic. Eventually they gave us the directions and made no mention of the illegal turn that could have been.

Now I’m not going to ask you to lie, because that is wrong. Lying and deception are two things that I cannot stand. But when you’re lost, you should totally ask the police for directions. That is all I’m going to say.

Dear Bicyclists of NYC!

Today I moved from my BK sublet up to a friend’s place at Lex and 28. Doing so, I yanked my luggage into a cab to go up to the new place, and on the way, the cab hit a lady on the bike.

Now, the good news is – she did not die. But she could have.


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