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NYC Needs Your Blank

NYC is calling you for service. After living here for a long while, it’s time that the city can benefit from us. Sure they’re charging 25 cents more now on the subway, but it’s also because we have more people living here now than ever before.

I’ve never found myself defending the MTA before today, but it’s much more than that. Less jobs, less money, less food, less housing, less luxuries.

But the same isn’t true for all. We have talents, ideas and can use them to help the people out as needed. So check out the above link and see if you can stand up and help the city that you love.

NBA Dunkers, Have Mercy

If you’ve ever walked by the West 4th street station, you could swear some future NBA’ers are playing basketball. Anytime I witness a dunk at a street park in NYC it’s something that I take with me forever.

This Saturday (20th) there will be an NBA sponsored dunk contest at the South Street Seaport starting at 2 p.m. I won’t be able to go there, but it definitely seems like a good freaking time.

Have Mercy on Animals – Free food and to promote friendliness towards our non-human friends happening @ MooShoes on June 18th, that’s tomorrow, at 6:30 pm.

Art on the Free

Museum Mile is happening tonight. Do not miss it, whatever it is you do.

  • FREE ACCESS 6pm – 9pm
    to all the museums along the mile
  • 23 car-free blocks
    5th Avenue between 82nd & 105th

Click here for more details. Actually all the details you need are right above – click there if you want to browse their Website.

Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 25)


And finally, behind door number twenty-five… sleep!

I don’t know about you, but sleep is something I’ve gotten very little of this December (as usual). So come December 25, I will be sleeping the sleep of the righteous. Baby Jesus is finally born and asleep in his manger, the bright lights of Hanukkah have burned low, and I am curled up sound asleep in my bed, while visions of sugar plums dance in my head.

And so concludes our little holiday countdown–hope you’ve enjoyed it. We at Metblogs NYC wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Good night.

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Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 24)


And behind the penultimate door of this virtual advent calendar… therapy!

It’s long been said that New York is a city where everyone’s in therapy. And although terms like “analyst” and “psychoanalysis” have been largely replaced with words like “therapist” and “talk therapy,” it’s still true that many many people here sit down on a couch once a week (or more) and indulge in a fifty-minute hour with someone who holds a degree in…something.

And while the debate as to whether New York causes people to need therapy or rather attracts people who would need it in the first place rages on, the fact is that any therapist will tell you that their busiest season is this, the holiday season–specifically the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

So when you sit down on that couch this week to unload, fear not–you’re not alone! And if you’re not yet a member of the club, you just might find that there’s no time like the holidays to join up.

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Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 23)


Door number twenty-three reveals… the anti-resolution!

Inevitably, thoughts of New Year’s Eve turn to that other New Year’s “tradition”: the New Year’s Resolution. Does anyone here still do this? I’ve noticed that, in my circles at least, the big New Year’s Resolution has become more of an anti-resolution: “I resolve not to resolve.” It’s not so much due to the fact that everyone thinks they’re beyond improvement, but really quite the opposite. It’s more like, “Well, I’m an imperfect work in progress every day of the year. I accept and embrace that, and it’s not going to change whether I make some silly resolution or not.”

So is this attitude a New York thing? And urban thing? Or just the norm these days? Outside of NYC, I know plenty of people that still claim to make a New Year’s resolution or two each year…

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Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 22)


Behind door number twenty-two… a midnight run in Central Park!

Speaking of New Year’s Eve planning, one of my favorite uniquely New York traditions is the annual Midnight Run in Central Park. To me, that’s a hell of a lot more in line with my whole New York experience than the Times Square bedlam will ever be. Central Park, fellow runners, fireworks, plus a DJ, a costume contest, and champagne. What could be more New York that that? And the fact that it sells out every year indicates that lots of people feel the same.

[image from here]

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Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 21)


And behind door number twenty-one… New Year’s Eve planning!

Really, is there any other night of the year that is even remotely as hyped? Valentine’s Day shares with it the proliferation of exorbitantly priced, mediocre dining and dancing/partying experiences, but still, it doesn’t even approach the wide reach and fever pitch associated with New Year’s Eve plans and expectations.

We know that New Yorkers avoid the Times Square hootenanny like the plague, but outside of that, the options here are (like with everything else) seemingly endless. Some people opt for the big, lavish night out with the masses at clubs and restaurants. Others attend swank private parties. And still others spend a chill evening in with close friends and/or family.

But no matter your plans, one thing is guaranteed: it’s something you’ve already spent a good deal of time thinking and talking about. Or will be soon.

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Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 20)


Door number twenty conceals… Free Metrocards!

That’s right, folks. It’s gridlock alert time! And to deal with this annual tradition, the MTA has created a holiday tradition of their own: handing out free Metrocards to people who park at Shea Stadium and take public transit into Manhattan.

Not sure how effective this is, but I’m definitely all for creative solutions to our seasonal traffic nightmares.

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Metblogs NYC Advent Calendar. (Day 19)


And behind door number eighteen… Santacon!

Hundreds of Santas overtaking the streets and marching from the Lower East Side to Central Park. Another in-your-face, over-the-top New York holiday tradition.

And I bet this year they were hot as hell!

Pics on Flickr here.

[image by dogseat, from here]

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