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Reasons why I say "No" to the UES

Yes, I live on the Upper East Side, but it’s rare to find me out and about in my own ‘hood and hitting a local bar on Saturday reminded me why.

At 11pm, a friend called to let me know that she was at Mustang Grill (on 85th & 2nd) drinking a margarita and convinced me to meet up with her and a friend. I would normally say no, but I figured it would be easy enough to ignore the crowd and focus on my friends. Wrong!

As soon as I arrived, I found my friends being chatted up by a group of boys in their 20’s. OK, if they’re fun I’ll play along. Not quite. This one kid approached me and his line was… so, let’s figure out a cool drinking game to play. Ha! Drinking game? Seriously? I didn’t play them in college and I wasn’t about to start now. Of course, I mentioned this, along with some other remarks that he didn’t like so instead of giving up he thought it would be cute to try and insult me. Oh yes, THIS is what works. Calling him a “prick” didn’t get him to walk away either, so he thought he’d push me. Last straw kiddo. He finally walked away after I threatened him. Too bad someone broke up my verbal assault. I was hoping to get him to cry.

Even if you took that experience away, I can’t hang where I have to yell to hear my friends talk, where people are trying so damn hard to hook up, where boys have no respect for women that just want to be left alone, and where girls dance on the bar. Actually, if these girls could actually dance, then I probably wouldn’t mind so much.

If you happen to be in your 30’s and can’t deal with the “college like” bar scene… stay away from my ‘hood. Unless you’re up for wine. If that’s the case, I suggest you stop by Caffe Notte, Bar Vespa and my absolute FAVORITE, Pudding Stones.

Where the Gentleman are…

If you’re like me – in your 30’s and hating the scene – most nights, all you want from a night out is a fun time spent with friends and having the ability to talk without screaming over music or getting hit on by guys.

Don’t get me wrong, I love men (big difference between guys and men) – I don’t seriously date, but I do have a love for them.

Here’s the thing. My standards for men’s behavior are probably beyond what most people find just acceptable and I don’t care to settle, but I really do appreciate the rare gentleman.

I guess this is the point where I should mention that 2 years ago, I lost my partner, my fiance, my everything… in a tragic accident. This once confirmed bachelorette experienced “absolute bliss” when she least expected it and now, I’m enjoying my love for the city.

Anyway… even though I don’t care to date, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like the attention of a man.

Now that the summer is officially over, we’ve been out and about enjoying the mid season weather and we’ve found that certain men can really make a regular night out into a night to remember. All while doing their thing behind the bar.

The Hostile Takeover of My Summer Spot


I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment.
Last night, my friends and I headed FAR FAR west to the Boat Basin. We’ve actually been there a few times since they opened up for the season and it’s been so pleasant…. except last night.

Usually, it’s our favorite summer spot. It’s casual, inexpensive, not too crowded, good food (outdoor bbq type), low key, and as far as I’m concerned – one of the best outdoor places to be.

Last night it was a scene! I’ve been going there for years now, but I really don’t remember it being so crowded and so loud. We could barely carry on conversation without yelling. There also seemed to be more overly drunk people there than usual. I wanted to put my fist in this one guys face that decided to start shit with a friend of mine who had his bike there. Um, listen newbie – that’s the POINT of the Boat Basin. It’s CASUAL! There are strollers, dogs, roller-blades, bikes, you name it. So if you’re looking for a club scene and don’t like the casual atmosphere, get the hell out. I certainly don’t want you there.

burp castle

Last night I went to Burp Castle with a date. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re in the mood to talk softly or whisper sweet nothings.

With an extensive beer selection, comfortable seating, beautiful murals, and a classy clientele, what more can you ask for? Oh yes, you could be asked to shush every 5 minutes. There is no loud talking allowed here, only whispering.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh- drink your beer!

Burp Castle, 41 East 7th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues).

Steely Dan at the Beacon

beacon.jpgMonday night I went to the Beacon to catch Steely Dan and I have to say it was one of the more fun concerts I’ve been too recently. The ages of the audience members ranged from probably 70 all the way down to possibly 12, and SD played a nice mix of older stuff and more recent stuff, plus they messed around with the arrangement a bit which is always nice since you get to hear tunes in a slightly different way. I’m not sure what it is, but I love the Beacon. There’s something a little magical when more than 2,000 people collectively answer the question, “Is there gas in the car?”

The Beacon is an old-style theater from the 1920’s that was built to be a vaudeville and movie theater by the same designer as the much larger Radio City Music Hall. One of the great things about the Beacon is it’s intimacy, even though it holds more than 2,500 people. Even the last row of the balcony affords a view of the performers that are enjoyed by only a lucky few at larger venues. In addition, the Beacon has excellent acoustics because it’s large enough for the different frequencies to dissipate and not crash into each other, but small enough that the theater does a good job of reverberating those sounds without making them echo.

One of the best features the Beacon has is it’s ability to make New Yorkers “take a time-out” from being New Yorkers and come together for the enjoyment of a common pleasure. Unless someone is being a real ass — that definition fluctuates based on the performer everyone is there to see — people in a concert have a higher threshold than those same people probably do when walking around outside. Case in point…about two-thirds of the way through the performance some dude, who was really enjoying the music, stood up and started dancing wildly — limbs flailing, arms akimbo — in front of his seat, but he managed to do it without hitting those next to or in front of him. With the lights in the mezzanine off, and the stage lights on, he was silhouetted and looked like a bad iPod commercial, except that he was about two seconds behind the music (my date mentioned that he was probably responsible for the strong smell of a controlled substance that permeated the area earlier in the evening). Yet those people who were seated behind him did nothing when he blocked their view of the stage except to tip their heads to the side to try and peer around his gyrations. Had it been on the sidewalk during rush hour, I’m sure there would have been a few choice words exchanged, but in that setting, everyone was relaxed enough to let it slide as long as no physical contact was made.

Yes, it may have more to do with the fact that everyone is going to see a performer that everyone is interested in, but I also think that the intimacy of the Beacon makes it more difficult to get angry with your fellow show-goers. Or maybe it’s just the nice padded seats?

Keep Your Panties On Girlie

Photo courtesy of Bella Bella Boutique

Let me give you some background.

I was at the Si*Se concert at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday Night. Great show and even better than I thought it would be, but with all things, there’s always SOMEONE that makes the night a touch more interesting.

Mid-way through the concert, this little girl pushes her way into the crowd next to my group. I guess I should clarify that – she wasn’t SO little, but when you’re in your 30’s and 6 feet tall in heels, most everyone seems little to you. Anyway, she had on this white linen dress – which, I thought was appropriate since it was hot as hell inside. This tid bit of information will be important later on. So she’s dancing, having a good time, enjoying herself, enjoying her date, even enjoying MY friend since she was rubbing up against him too… when I guess it got too hot for her. Even with the minimal amount of clothing she had on.

Did she go outside for air? No. What she DID was squat on the floor (at first I thought she was peeing) to pull off her underwear. She actually had to squat TWICE since the first time she only got them off one leg. Was it the heat or was she looking for attention?

What I want to know is this… Since when is underwear the cause of overheating at a concert. Whatever the reason – take it to the bathroom!!! People are TRYING to enjoy the show and don’t want to see that. I guess she thought she would go unnoticed.

After she got them off, I wondered why I stood there waiting to see what she would do instead of stepping away because there was NO WAY IN HELL I wanted her sweaty underwear near me. But, I didn’t have to concern myself since she and her date walked out shortly after. Why bother going through all of that? I really can only guess that it was for the attention. Jeez.

Honey, I hope that whatever you were going for worked and that you got EVERYTHING you wanted out of your date.
You sure worked hard enough for it.

Gypsy Cabbie

Last night my friend and I went out to Astoria to celebrate Greek Independence Day. I’m not Greek, but I do enjoy dancing while cute guys clap at my feet. These people party hard, and we ended up leaving at 4:30 to head back to Manhattan. But oops, we forgot that we were in Queens, where cabs are not a dime a dozen and everyone rolls up to the front of the club in their sweet rides. (Queens = L.A.)
Anyway, after waiting for twenty minutes in the rain for someone to drive us to a subway station, we finally scored a gypsy cab.
When we got inside, the first thing I noticed was a toy stilleto shoe hanging from the rearview mirror.
The rest of the story gets a little bit scary.

To Party or Not to party

A short post. Really just a thought.
Apparently, the Black Party was this weekend. For those of you out of the loop, that’s a
Anyway, one aspect of my job which causes me – well, mostly agony but sometimes – occasional joy is its location. It’s in a heavily-clubbed/barred area, which affords me some fun moments on weekends like this.
Because this was a designated party weekend, I got to walk to work this morning (I work at 7AM so it’s early enough to catch these stragglers) and watch all the partygoers leaving their respective places of worship (and my worship, I don’t mean Jesus; we’re talking Beyonce and so on and so forth). It’s quite an intriguing mix of people.
The weekend’s gay theme notwithstanding, it was still an amazing mix of people, specifically ages. It prompted my own internal monologue on age and clubbing as well as got me pondering just what we go out for and when it stops suiting our needs and purposes (if ever).
So what brings you, gentle reader, out for a night on the town? Is it a weekly event for you? Is it for special occasions like birthdays, or events like the Black Party? Do you opt for the night in at home when given the choice?

St. Patrick’s Day Madness


Last year, I witnessed my first St. Patrick’s Day in Manhattan. I honesty can’t remember what I did the two years before on that holiday. But since it fell on a Friday night last year, I decided to enjoy the festivities. And I had never realized the extent of St. Patrick’s Day debauchery until that night.

I met up with some friends in Midtown after work. By 7:00, the streets were already crowded with people who appeared to have been drinking for hours. We headed off to Thady Con’s, an Irish bar that has the distinction of being the location of my first drink out in the city. I was dismayed when we got there and the place was closed down. We decided to wander and find some bar that we could actually fit into to have a couple drinks. After making our way through crowds that seemed crazier than those on New Years, JD’s Pub caught our eye.


OK so we have DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWY (“Driving While Young” — a series on Good Morning America last week about younger drivers)but now we have to have a new designation: DWS — Driving While Sleeping
It was revealed this week that the sleep medication Ambien® produces an interesting side-effect in some people. It seems that some who take this medication to help them sleep, also wake up in the middle of the night, get dressed, and eat and/or leave the house and drive while they are still asleep. One woman reports waking up in her office chair, completely dressed for work. She claims to have no recollection of waking up, getting showered and dressed, or driving to work! So now do we look at the drivers on the LIE or Grand Central at 7am and wonder if they are all awake? Do these people have a defense for causing an accident? Do we convict someone of DWS? Can we all go out there and get scrips for Ambien® so that now we have a handy excuse? “Sorry officer I was asleep. You see, must be the Ambien®…” hmmm…

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