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Libraries in the city are awesome

I use the Queens Library myself but have equally awesome things about Brooklyn & Manhattan’s libraries. The best part is printing anything out. I’ve given up on trying to find the right printer; they leak cash as quickly as they run out of ink. You just keep buying cartridges and it’s a never-ending process of being a slave to your printer.

But the library allows you to print up to 20 pages for free, at least that’s what the deal is in Queens. I’m not sure about the other boroughs. And, they have a DVD collection full of indie and foreign films that your local video store wouldn’t. And it’s all free, free, free!

Also, the benefit of printing at the library is that you don’t have a person who hates being there (FedEx Kinko’s) pretending to help you through your issues. Librarians are sweet as can be except they tend to have shorter tempers for teenagers.

Spring into unemployment

I was laid off yesterday. I know I know. Such a sad thing right? Not at all.

Spring blossomsFreedom is how I look at this. Not only were my former employers really kind to me, they even sang for me as I left. I’ve seen a lot of people at the company be ‘let-go’ and ‘fired’ – 2 very different things – and this is the first time I’ve seen them sing.

Being unemployed in NYC is not a terrible thing at first. But once the costs of living get you down, you have no choice but to either seek refuge in family/relatives or friends. Living costs alone are atrociously high and with the recession in place it’s difficult to survive.
But at times like these, you have no choice but to be creative, save a lot, use free Internet cafes and find peace, solace and beauty in walking around watching the trees.

I’ve spent my day updating my resume, talking to strangers at a tea shop, recording my podcast, and already networked with a whole new slew of people to plan my next big step.

But honestly there’s something nice about being in NYC during the day and being outside. This spring is the perfect time to be out of a job. =)

Be sure to check out this site which lists free events in NYC – especially if you ain’t got a job!

Free tickets for movie screening this weekend

This coming Friday and Saturday night, Warner Bros. is doing midnight screenings of a new action/sci-fi anime film called Appleseed: Ex Machina at the IFC Center in Manhattan. M80 is providing tickets to the screenings for the first five readers who leave a comment. Here’s a description of the film, which sounds all cool and futuristic and full of dramatic plot twists, zombies (always a crowd-pleaser), and cyborgs:

In the year 2133, a war killed off half the population of Earth, plunging the world into chaos and despair. In OLYMPUS, a utopian city-state and the last true bastion of culture and civilization, the ESWAT police force holds the peace. The two star members of this Special Ops team are Deunan Knute and her cyborg partner Briareos. Their relationship is threatened when the government reveals a prototype combat clone, named Tereus, who is a clone of Briareos. However, a strange electronic virus begins turning citizens into violent zombies and the trio must team up to track down the terrorists behind this brutal attack before it tears the peaceful utopia apart.

If you’re interested in the screening tickets, leave a comment on this entry, specifying which night you’d like to attend. First five commenters get a pair of tickets. As mentioned previously, commenting requires registration, which is quick and easy. You just need to provide a valid e-mail address so you can get your password and so we can contact you with the ticket information. (You will have to provide your name to IFC to get the tickets, but you don’t have to do that during our comment registration – we can handle that separately.)

More trailers and info about the movie here.

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