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Pedal Faster, New Amsterdam!

A woman rides the Dutch bicycle

A woman rides the Dutch bicycle

The Dutch are so proud of their friendship with NYC that the Dutch minister recently gifted the city 400 Dutch bicycles.

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert C. Lieber and NYC&Company CEO George Fertitta were on hand to receive the bikes at Hudson River Park’s Pier 84 and to highlight the many biking opportunities throughout New York City this summer.

What will happen to these bikes next? I don’t really know but there’s a lot of history to be learned about the Dutch’s colonization of America at the port we now know as Manhattan (and parts of Albany too).

It’s great that this event ties in with NYC-wide bike month. I’m sure you’ve seen the green posters on the subway as I have. They have quite an extensive schedule of events posted. But really, what exactly is bike month? It’s a way to encourage more New Yorkers to consider pedaling instead of peddling (read: illegal substances). HEYOOOOOOO!

(njoi bicycles. njoi life. njoi nyc. thank you dutch people. sorry native americans.)

What are you doing about the swine flu?

I’ve seen people on the 6 train and F trains now wearing masks to protect themselves from the swine flu. But my theory was that flue particles are so tiny that they can pervade any mask. I mean think about it, there literally is no preventing air from moving. . . unless you live in a vacuum.

Also, this article confirms my thoughts, sort of …

Federal health officials said Monday that they, quite frankly, didn’t know how helpful either type of devices are in preventing swine flu infection.

If used correctly, masks and — more likely — respirators may indeed reduce the risk of getting influenza, according to information released from the CDC. But for people who live in areas with confirmed cases, there is no single action that will provide complete protection. It simply isn’t practical to wear a mask all the time, and they are not 100% foolproof.

What are you doing to prevent swine flu?

NYC Parks & Recreation this Spring

Watch movies at the Park

Watch movies at the Park

NYC parks always have great things to offer. As May approaches and the floral landscape of the city changes from barren wasteland to allergen-heavy blooms, wildflowers take center stage.

But for those who have no interest in botany can still enjoy the parks.

Central Park is a year round treat, but as the weather gets nicer, look for more activities happening there too.

Bryant Park has laid out benches on its lush green lawn for picnicking locals and stress free work time lunches. Did you know Bryant Park offers Tai Chi & Yoga classes on a regular basis?!

And for those of you too lazy to partake in physical activities. Great News! You can watch movies in the park for free. Brooklyn Bridge Park is holding a free series of flicks throughout the summer to keep a smile on your face too.

And finally just because I don’t want to leave out Queens. You can always check out some of the finest parks in the city in the more domestic and cozier of the boroughs. Your choices are Alley Pond, Botanical Gardens or even Flushing Meadows.

Air Force One backup buzzes city, pisses off many

Dear Air Force,

When you decide that it would be neat to take photos of the “backup” to Air Force One flying close to the Statue of Liberty and taking almost exactly the same flight path as the planes that took out the WTC towers in 2001, it would be nice to, I don’t know, let the people of NYC know about it ahead of time. Might be nice to at least let the freakin’ mayor know about it, for starters. You scared the hell out of a lot of people and pissed a lot more off today. But, at least you got your photo op!

Tell us ahead of time next time or we’ll break your kneecaps.


Swine flu in NYC?

This weekend, while everyone was out enjoying the lovely (if a bit hot for April) weather, news was breaking all over the place about the new swine flu variant that has killed 20 and infected 1,000+ in Mexico. There are confirmed cases in the U.S., including several at a private school in Queens, but no deaths and only one hospitalization have occurred in this country. The flu virus, a mix of pig, bird, and human flu viruses, has the possibility to become a pandemic because it seems to be easily transmissible from human to human, and it is killing young adults rather than infants, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems.

Of course, people are beginning to panic, and the European Union has issued a warning urging its citizens to avoid travel to the U.S. and Mexico in hopes of heading off a global pandemic, but don’t shutter yourselves inside and prepare to wait out the flupocalypse in your bunker just yet.

The Centers for Disease Control have said that this particular strain is vulnerable to two commonly available flu medications, and the U.S. has not issued any travel advisories for its citizens (though they’re expected to issue one for travel to Mexico shortly). Common sense should prevail – wash your hands frequently, especially if you’re around someone who is sneezing or coughing. If you have flu symptoms, call your doctor, and don’t rush to the nearest ER if you just have a slight fever. And finally, read only reliable sources (scroll down for links to CDC and WHO) and stay away from “end of the world” and conspiracy websites. Don’t panic! You have more to fear right now from crazy taxi drivers than swine flu.

African-Americans Needed to Save the Life of a Six-Year-OLD

Little Jazmina only has 2 months to live, at best, if she doesn’t get a bone-marrow transplant right away. Jazmina, a 6-year-old, who attends PS41 in Greenwich Village, has a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. She is adopted, so there is no access to her biological family.

All New Yorkers — but especially African-Americans — are needed for a bone marrow screening today [Saturday] at PS41 from 10am to 2pm, at 116 W. 11th Street, west of 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village. This screening will put you in the National Bone Marrow Registry, so even if you are not a match for Jazmina, you may be able to help someone in the future. And it’s completely painless; no blood, and no needles. The screening is done by a saliva swab from the inner cheek.

Dear Bus Drivers, Slow Down for Ice

Today on the bus ride home, I got freaked.

  1. I realized that when a bus is 11 minutes late and it’s below freezing outside, time seems to slow down.
  2. I realized that standing on ice makes you colder.
  3. I realized was that bus drivers should not speed when it’s snowing and there is ice on the ground.

And if they do speed, they should give themselves enough time to brake for red lights – instead of carrying on with their speed through red lights…

Bus drivers in Queens, if you’re reading this, please for the love of life, do NOT speed after it has just snowed.

I’ll appreciate it. Mmk, thanks.

Snow Day for Schools – Rejoice!

Snow Day in NYC!

Snow Day in NYC!

All schools (and also most if not all universities) in NYC are closed today due to the snow.

I found out first from my friend Annie on Facebook…she knows, she’s a teacher.

Hooray! Kids in NYC! This is like a major event. The last time we had a snow day – well we never had a snow day while growing up in the late 80s early 90s. It was always delayed school openings or leaving a little early and a weird bell schedule with strange lunch.

Make the most of this day!

Moving on out

My parents are on their way out to the motherland. Where does that leave me? Well, searching for an apartment while my folks sell our house here in Queens.

A lot of my friends of Indian origin have already made the move or are on their way out. And several others are taking on jobs in places besides NYC.

Is this a mass exodus or just a few people on their way out? All I know is that NYC will not be the same as it is today in just 2 years from now…probably less than that.

Things to do this weekend – Kids Film Festival

Sita Sings the Blues - one of the entries this year

Sita Sings the Blues - one of the entries this year

As soon as I saw the posters pop up for this event, they caught my eye. This year (2008) in movies was horrendous. I saw maybe 4 movies at the theaters. Mainly because most of them didn’t capture my attention or intrigue.

The Children’s Film Festivals features movies for kids ages 7 and up. All of the films selected for this year’s festival give an age recommendation and will let you know if it can or cannot be enjoyed by adults.

Check out the screening schedule that start today, February 27th and go until March 15th. Enjoy the films.

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