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Pictures From the Edge

Next time you have time to spend, sit down and log onto Borough Edges and be ready to be totally mesmerized! Bettina Johae took 2418 digital images of the perimeter around the whole city — all 5 boroughs! From Riverside Park to Astoria/Ditmars to the Brooklyn Riviera, it’s a trip around the edges. It’s like that coffee-table book that everyone picks up and can’t put down…truly amazing!

December Snow

Beautiful giant snow flakes falling this early afternoon.

December Snow

Yes, Please.

Read into this however you like. This is out in front of the 23rd St. Pick-A-Bagel, which has fine bagels nd I highly recommend.

Evening Light

Now that the time has changed we are heading straight on to the end of the year. I find the light to be absolutely beautiful this time of year.

West Side afternoon

I enjoy the Fall in New York City.

Police find solace in ice cream!

I saw this on my way home from a photo show opening of Minor White (more to come on the show) and just couldn’t resist. Taken with an Epson R-D1 with Leica 35mm lens. Enjoy.

The poeple we meet

Strolling around in Chinatown

This picture is one of my snaps which I took a few weeks ago, strolling around in Chinatown, on to the LES. Gotta admit that that particular area is probably one of my favorites spots of “the city” (aka Manhattan). Just always lots of things to see, places to go and people to meet.
If you ever find yourself over there in the early morning hours, head on deeper into Chinatown and look for all the seafood restaurants that have fish tanks in the windows. Looking at them is even somewhat scary during the day – lopster and fish so trapped PETA would go postal on sight. Take the scenery to night time and it eats away on you.



Maybe it’s just me, but this summer has been pretty awesome in terms of overall weather condition and everything. I just loved it over here in your city [NYC]. This is one of my favorite snaps which I took walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Even though I have to go back and I do look forward to people over there in Berlin, I am also gonna miss this place a lot, lot, lot, …

A Waterfall


The other night we were hanging out at Brooklyn Water Park, which is basically underneath the Manhattan Bridge. The view on the surroundings is pretty good, and popular. I snapped this shot of one of the infamous NYC waterfalls. They are pretty hideous, no? :)

Apple store on 5th Ave.

Ventured to the Apple store in Mid-town. Shot this with a 1950’s Leica M3 (seen on my flickr page) and a 1970’s leica 35mm Summicron lens. Analog in a digital world.

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