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A Grand Time Out


I recently organized a night out in Astoria with a bunch of friends. We debated where to go, but ultimately decided on a place we’d never been to before: The Grand Cafe Lounge.

It’s a few blocks from the subway, and it was a bit cold when we trudged there. When we got in the door, I was happy to find the place was exactly what I was looking for. A lounge that looked nice, but not pretentious. Lively, but not crowded or loud. We had a nice long table reserved for our gathering.

Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – Subway Bar – Cheap Beer and Bad Decisions

It’s been a while since I saw a bar sign worthy of the famous NYC Metblogs “Funny Bar Signs” series, so image my utter delight in finding that Subway Bar in Williamsburg is still up to their old tricks with these two funny signs, spied during that debaucherous time between Christmas and New Years when all the hipsters are looking to drink cheap, crappy beer and make out with one another. Funny thing is, I have never actually set foot in this bar–it looks rather sketchy, but their signs continue to amuse…


Another funny sign after the jump…

Bar Sign Series – Silver Swan – Staying In Town and Getting Loaded


Memorial Day weekend is a great time to enjoy NYC, as most of the natives leave for the weekend. Now’s a good time to go to that restaurant you can never get a seat at or that bar that’s always so uncomfortably packed. Case in point, we had the Silver Swan pretty much to ourselves on Saturday night, which allowed us to privately gorge on german sausage, red cabbage and lambic–yum!. The other side of their funny bar sign after the jump…

Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – ALT Cafe – Aiming for yo Momma


Those crazy kids at Alt Cafe are at it again

Flip side after the jump. Just don’t let your Momma see it…

Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – Subway Bar – Prison


Those crazy kids at Subway Bar are at it again. I’m not sure what this means, but it sounds naughty!

Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – ALT – Meat Pies


That must be cause they’re made from Soylent Green, right Mrs. Lovett?

Try for yourself @ ALT

Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – Silver Swan – Kittens and Supermodels


Not only is the Silver Swan in Gramercy a great place to get a sausage platter (the wild boar is outrageous!) and a lambic (yum…framboise), they also seem to be a little bit twisted. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

And there’s more on the other side:


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Evil Liver
Usage Notes for Tequila

Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – Push Cafe – Evil Liver


Saw this on Thursday outside Push Café on 3rd Ave

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Funny NYC Bar Signs Series – Subway Bar – Usage Notes for Tequila

tequila.JPGTaken with my new camera phone (Treo 700w–rock!) in front of the super-sketchy “Subway” bar on Metropolitan Ave right on top of the Lorimer Street L station in Williamsburg.

Check out the other-worldly glow of the Pabst signage above. Oooohhhh. Purdy…

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