Vacation all I ever wanted…

Occasionally as a NYC metro area resident, you feel the need to vacate. Working in or living in the city is tough! There’s a lot going on at any given moment, and you need to be a part of it. Or, at least feel like you’re part of it. Afterall, if you don’t take advantage of the culture, hustle and interesting things happening 24 hours a day in NYC, why not just live in the ‘burbs or some midwestern town?
We who do hustle and work ourselves to death to afford our tiny apartments and large bar tabs often relish the chance to get the hell out of the city when the opportunity presents itself.
This week, I’m in North Carolina. I haven’t spent much time in the south since I moved away around 20 and really never looked back. There’s a good reason for that…
There is NOTHING to do outside of large port cities. I mean sure, you can relax, but who’s good at doing that? I need noise! I need activity and restaurants open until 4 am ( just in case i need sweetbreads in the middle of the night – ). Most of all, I just want to know these things are available to me when I want to take advantage of them. Listen, I like to go home to my nice quiet street in Jersey City after a long day, put my feet up and drink a glass of wine while reading or watching mindless tv. Relaxing is great. But when there isn’t another option, BORING. I don’t want to read, nap or relax anymore, I want to walk my dog through throngs of people, get coffee from my favorite coffee shop that shoots coffee beans through a pneumatic tube and presses them instantly for the freshest espresso this side of Guatemala ( I want to be overwhelmed with choices for lunch/dinner/snacks and I want it all deliverable.
It’s been great cooking and laying down, but I realise with time away, I love NYC. The over-indulgence, the noise, the rediculousness of it all makes me happy.

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  1. Sheeraz (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2010 @ 3:52 am

    Pretty sad over the closure of Metblogs. I truly loved this platform and was a fan of blogs from all major cities of the world. Such a shame that no one came forward to fund this platform. Wish I had money. I would have definitely contributed some for this cause.

    NYC Metblogs were not as active as some of the other world metros’ but they were pretty good. Always giving a new perspective of the Big Apple. An era is coming to an end. Sigh!

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