Kindness of New Yorkers

Another small incident happened today that confirmed my belief that New Yorkers are the nicest citizens ever. I had dropped my earphones by accident on the busiest freaking place – 5th avenue and 39th street – and someone brought it over to my attention. I was on the cell phone and someone said “excuse me, excuse me” and I was being a typical New Yorker and pretending not to hear him thinking he was after something.

Then he poked and said, “your headphones, they fell” I looked around my neck and they weren’t there. He then went backwards, picked them up, ran back to me and gave them back.

I’m experiencing the true meaning of bromance. . . or brotherly love. Thank you man.

In return, if I find someone’s something on the somewhere anywhere, I’ll do the same that you’ve done for me today.


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  1. sammy on July 23rd, 2009 @ 3:30 pm

    I love NY! Some guy ran down the street calling after me "maam! maam!" and he brought to me my Ipod that i dropped on 3RD AVE! OMGGG. MY WHOLE IPOD

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