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Watertower Relaxin’

I have a slight obsession with water towers and being able to hang out in open spaces at heights. Whenever I see people chilling on rooftops across the office building, I just find it to be cool. Look at these guys taking in the sun on 34th and Park today.


Chilling on the rooftop

Chilling on the rooftop

When did you come here, my friend?

New York Magazine has a brilliant cover story this week about famous and semi-famous people sharing the experience of their move to the big city.

As many people are moving out of NYC now and planning on shifting their entire lives, it’s nice to see those that have been here for decades and noticing the changes from their eyes.

I remember an Indian uncle telling me once that Jamaica Estates was the absolute best place to live – and while it still is – something went amiss. We all know how the East Village has been seriously transformed into a hub of creatives, yuppies and a mixture of rich money coexisting with projects. But there are even more stories to be read.

Superbly intriguing. Read it all here.

And sister and brother, oh friend of mine reading this post, I’d be delighted to hear of your story as well. Tell us how you got here.

Bjork in NYC


Bjork’s Web site says she’ll be doing a small concert to benefit The Housing Works in May. It may be a good idea to get yourself into the lottery of this show as it will most likely be delectable and cozy.

Tix are $50 I think. But it’s Bjork in NYC and the benefits go to charity? I think? I’m not sure. Check out the details. I’m just a messenger of love.

Ride in the park with Keith

I went for a ride in Central Park this afternoon. The weather was perfect and the bike worked flawlessly. I was at one. Zen.

Central Park in April

A is for April

Visited the ever monumental American Museum of Natural History this weekend with some out of town guests, like you do. Went into the Butterfly Conservatory. If standing around inside a terrarium with a lot of flying insects is your idea of fun, go see it! It was really quite magical. On our way home we took the A train, which was running on the C track in front of the museum. In the station was a man in a green trench coat, wearing a beard, playing the violin. At one point a small child was very interested in what was happening with that weird looking stick the man was rubbing on that small wooden box, so the man knelt down to let the boy hold the bow. He showed him how to push it across the strings and did the necessary finger work to play a tune. The boy was elated and the whole platform of people immediately gained new found acceptance for the man in the green trench coat with the violin. Little moments like that are another reason to fall in love again with this city of ours. Then on the train a man in a dirty jean jacket sitting next to my friends mother asked if we were going uptown or downtown, classic. The A train is for April.


Watertower, East Village (by Carrie)

Watertower, East Village (photo by Carrie)

Baoguette Cafe Opens

IMG00323 My love affair with Banh mi is ever so strong. Notwithstanding some crazy incidents, I will go a long way to get a good Banh mi. And with that in mind, I was thrilled that finally the doors were thrown open at BAOGUETTE CAFE on St. Marks Place yesterday.

As Metromix NY puts it

The economy may be tanking but business seems to be booming for Michael Bao Hyunh, who expands his wallet-friendly Murray Hill Vietnamese banh mi shop Baoguette with a second location in munchies-friendly St. Marks Place. (He also opened BarBao on the Upper West Side last fall.) In addition to the usual suspects—i.e. baguettes stuffed with pulled pork, country-style pate, catfish or curry-braised corned beef—the new spot will feature seating for 24, plus a more eat-in friendly atmosphere (as opposed to the original joint’s counter-style takeout vibe). It’s also more grub, including a new menu section filled with snacks (lemongrass sausage, lamb belly) and rice dishes.

I was there yesterday, their first full day open for the public. Tried their classic Vietnamese sandwich, and it was awesome. The bread was perfectly toasty, not too dry, not too soggy. The pork and ham were deliciously flavored and the pickled veggies added the right zing. I got the spicy version, but would have loved some more spice.

All in all a fantastic addition to St. Marks Place and a place I will be visiting often.

Baoguette Cafe:

37 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003

Tel; 212-380-1487


We’re Open About Our Business, NYC

I spy a fashion house

I spy a fashion house

New Yorkers may be many things but one thing we’re definitely not is shy.

Having superbly personal conversations on the subway is now somewhat of a normal every day thing. Just the other day I was riding the E train during rush hour. My face was squished against the doors. Behind me, a daughter was telling her mother all about her older gentleman lover, how much money he had, how she thought her mother was lazy, how she wanted to move to Florida. And so on and so forth. The mother exclaimed “there’s just some things you don’t discuss in public.”

But the daughter kept on.

But talking is not the only way we’re open. Just yesterday, the New York Times posted a slideshow of once personal spaces now becoming exhibitionist lairs.

I remember while working at a previous job, I’d sometimes just glare out the window and stare at the fashion house (photo) located in the opposite building. There would be people sewing stuff all day and then some days, they’d put the dresses on a bust and discuss it all.

New Yorkers are curious and they like to share too!

But yesterday I think I witnessed something completely unheard of…or maybe not. At around 5:15 pm, so pretty much in broad daylight, as I was making my way down 2nd avenue and the 30s, a mother began nursing her baby. Just like that.

But the funny part is, I was not surprised or even shocked. Just thought, well, Only in New York.

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