Relying on the kindness of strangers

The other day my wife and I were walking on 23rd St. when we saw people staring at something on the ground at the corner of Lexington ave. We look down to see a man lying there on his back as if he is asleep. Other people are slowing down and staring also but just continuing on by. We stop and see that no one seems to be interested in seeing if this is a normal situation or if this person needs help. I quickly walked over to the man and tried to get a response from him. He seemed to have his eyes half open and was making a breathing sound like he was snoring. He didn’t respond to my voice or hand on his shoulder so I decided to call 911. I told the dispatcher what was happening. As I was on the phone a man walked up saying something about how the guy tried to cross the street and seemed to be a bit out of it, swaying and walking funny. He then said several times, trying to convince everyone in ear shot that he thought it was drugs, this guy must be overdosing. So the talking guy helped the stumbly guy back to the curb where he sat down and then lay/fell the rest of the way. The talking guy had apparently tried to flag down a few police officers who drove by a few minutes before but to no avail. Another dude who had been elsewhere then heard that I called an ambulance and said that he had already done so, oh well, more than once call is better than people walking by without even stopping. A few minutes went by and an off duty EMT showed up and took his pulse and tried to get his attention. moments later the ambulance was there. A few policemen showed up and seemed like they could give a flying shit about what was happening. I told one of them what I knew and he dismissed it with a “yeah, ok. Thanks guy” kind of attitude. Your welcome, asscop. In any case the EMTs from the ambulance were able to wake the guy up and walk him over to the ambulance. We walked on seeing there was nothing more we could do. I’m not medically trained in any capacity but at least I was able to get an ambulance there. Living in a city of millions it’s nice to know strangers are willing to help, not so nice to find out the cops could give a rats ass.

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