Become a Tourist again – before it’s too late!

I was always worried that half the places that were attractive to me as a young person weren’t going to last. Initially I thought it would be due to warfare and terrorism and now I see that it may be as a result of that and the dwindling economy.

So, my suggestion to all of you New Yorkers is revisit the greatest city in the world before it is too late. . . as in before it becomes a disheveled mess and you have nothing worth seeing left.

I went to the Statue of Liberty the other day but not from Staten Island, instead I entered through Liberty Park which comes right before the Holland Tunnel while traveling through New Jersey. This park is beautiful and also holds less lines than its NYC counterpart. Several hours will be spent on just waiting on the line if you are not careful.

Rockefeller Center’s Observation deck offers a spectacular view of the city but at nearly half the wait time of Empire State Building. But King Kong only climbed one of them, so you pick.

I think some of these monumental landmarks are worth visiting now and seeing them from a new perspective. There was a street hustler who was selling the Wall Street bronze bull statue. He said “Everyone is buying these right now man, everyone. People from Italy, England, China and all over the United States too.” Apparently we’re still hopeful and want to feed our imaginations the comfort of a bullish market.

If you have a day or two to spare, it might not be a bad idea to hit up one of those tour buses that take you all around town. A lot of the stuff that they tell you about is very interesting and I bet you didn’t know half the things they talk about.

Oh! And we happened to be in the downtown area near Wall St. when Trinity Church was having services. The beautiful organ along with the fascinating structure made for a nice peaceful meditation break during the day’s busy planning.

Oh and before I forget, go on a super cold day – freezing preferable – to Central Park. Walk along Literary Path and visit the frozen over lake. Be sure to take vegan energetic snacks from home as the food in the Park is not all that great and overpriced (read: $2 for honey roasted peanuts).

Once it’s dark, head on over to Times Square and magically all that fatigue you experienced while touring your own city will disappear.

So take some time out and revisit your favorite city before Metrocard prices go up!

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  1. tlv2jfk on January 22nd, 2009 @ 11:38 am

    It will never be too late. What it will be is different. See it all now. In a few years you will be ready to see it all again. And again.

    I recommend the Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building. Many reasons – but here is one you can’t argue with – you can see the ESB from the Top of the Rock. Go a 30 minutes before sunset, watch the sun set. Then go inside and eat the picnic dinner you brought. Wait 45 minutes. Go outside again. Its a whole different view at night.

    I could go on and on about fun things to do in Manhattan & NYC


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