The Apple Store—no longer trustworthy

We recently tried to get my sister’s 4th generation iPod fixed. There is a common problem amongst this generation of iPods and it’s that they stop playing music. You will see the batteries remain the same the playlists will function and the iPod even works on docking stations, it’s just that you can’t hear a thing out of the headphone jack.

When we went to the Apple store at Roosevelt field mall. The “genius” attending to us flat out told us that there is no way to open up the iPod as it is designed in a sealed manner. If this were truly the case then there should be a lawsuit against the company for creating a product that is essentially unfixable.

But later when we returned to more tech savvy means and Googled the issue, we found this video on Vimeo that shows not only that the iPod can be opened but that the issue can be fixed.

This was not the first month when Apple has let me down. The same store in Roosevelt Field told me that my streaming videos will no longer play as they used to. Not only that but while in the process of attempting a fix that I suggested to them, they even messed up my Garage Band.

But it gets better, I asked my friend who works at the Apple Store on 5th avenue as a “genius” to resolve the issue. He asked his colleagues and they could not resolve it either.

So while the fault not may be within the liars at the store—it may be with the brass at Apple who seems to have taken a more evil route upon the success of its brand.

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  1. till on November 14th, 2008 @ 8:16 am

    First off, people at the store are supposed to sell items, so don’t expect them to a) be a tech geek and b) help you fix an old product. Of course they want to sell a new piece. ;-)

    And you really want those people to tell you how to open and fix an iPod? 99% of all people who go into the Apple store wouldn’t know how to do that either. And of course they can’t tell people how to do that as it voids the warranty, etc.. (Which probably doesn’t apply in your case, but they like to keep it simple and not support half a dozen different support cases.)

    And of course there’s always a way to open up any device, after all it has been assembled. ;-)

    Apple just makes it harder for people to do that which is good and bad. Good, because people don’t just fuck around and then return it, "it broke". And bad because very often it makes it hard to replace parts such as harddrive or battery when they go bad.

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