Getting salty

Salt. How much do you know about it? I kinda love it myself, but didn’t realize I had the massive holes in my salt knowledge that it turns out I do. After a long day of travel to NYC I ended up Brooklyn at a friends place expecting to just go to sleep but instead walked into a salt tasting. European, Hawaiian, smoked, flaked, etc – the variety was amazing and I walked away from it full of much more salty knowledge, and a bit thirsty. I mention this here because I got the private trial run, but the public full version is happening tonight right here in NYC. The Salt Tasting done by Petra Tanos and is part of the Umami Festival (with tonight’s event happening at Roulette). Here’s a little more about it, but I gotta say I was pretty blown away and highly recommend it for anyone who regularly reaches for the salt.

Musique a’la Mode
Composer Fast Forward is well known for including kitchen
paraphernalia in his performances, but to date he has never gone ‘all
the way’. That is about to change for the Umami Festival where he will
unleash the world premiere of Musique a’la Mode, a concert in which
ALL his instruments will be derived from the common day kitchen. Pots,
pans, bowls, cutlery, food, liquids and more will be part of the
battery for this sonic culinarian’s concert. It could change your
entire approach to home cooking.

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