Inside the Future

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I went to an open source event at 7 World Trade Center in the Financial District. This building is kind of incredible. It feels like the future! We walked into a lobby filled with an odd blue light, which must give the many security guards headaches. Actually, maybe that’s why they were all wearing sunglasses that made them resemble Matrix agents.

After we signed in, we went through a dizzying marble maze to the elevators. The place looked more like a museum than an office building. In the elevator lobby, shelves on the marble walls held iron sculptures. The buttons to call the elevators aren’t for up and down. There’s a button for every floor. One you’ve chosen your floor, some kind of an algorithim figures out which elevator is best for you to take. Then you get into the elevator and there are no floor buttons. A female voice greets you and the elevator opens at the floors selected.

The office hosting the meeting was also pretty amazing. There was a lovely lounge with all sorts of odd-shaped couches and chairs. The conference room we met up in had a wall of glass with a spectacular view. The whole place seemed to be the perfect setting for some futuristic sci-fi flick.

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