Are Republicans For A Free Market?

John Corzine is facing the same ugly truth as mayor Bloomberg and leaders across the country. The government’s promise of “free roads” for all has proven an unsustainable illusion with destructive results, leading the governor to propose major increases state highway tolls.

“Mr. Corzine’s plan to raise tolls by 50 percent every four years starting from 2010 through 2022, including increases for inflation. The money would be used to pay off half of the state’s $32 billion debt and refinance the Transportation Trust Fund.”

Two things stand out for me–one is the existence of another, “trust fund” that the government no doubt raided to fund general expenditures. The other is the strange revelation that the die hard defenders of the morally, environmentally and ethically bankrupt state road system, more and more prove to be Republicans whose pro “free market”, anti urban lifestyle is totally dependent on the socialist road system.

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