Breaking Frick’s Second Law

In science we understand that diffusion applies itself to particles of gas. If you introduce a few particles of a gas into a space it will, in time, pretty evenly distribute itself to “fill” the space. This law seemingly applies to human behavior as well, you observe it every day on elevators. A single person in an elevator is free to move around and do as he wishes, but when you introduce another “particle” they evenly distribute. More particles, more shifting, until the space is full, but in the end of the “particles” have roughly an equal amount of space between them. Diffusion at work.

But right here in New York City we have access to another dimension, another space where the laws of physics work differently and particles behave in a manner that we would consider bizarre. I call it: Subwayspace! Imagine this… somewhere in Subwayspace door opens, particles flow into the space. The door closes. In our universe we would expect these particles to diffuse, but in Subwayspace the particles stop their motion once the cross the threshold! How strange! Particles in Subwayspace would seem to prefer to be bunched in masses in one area of the rather than diffusing into free space mere inches away. Only three circumstances will cause particles in Subwayspace to diffuse. First is the introduction of more particles. When bumped and pushed a particle can be jostled into an open area, but sometimes it takes a massive force for this to happen. The simplest way to move a particle in Subwayspace is to introduce an attractor. A positively charged area like an Empty Seat will attract particles to it, thinning the concentration in other areas. Of course the opposite can also occur when you introduce a negatively charged particle such as a Stinky Homeless particle. In that case our standard particles may be further concentrated and pushed into a single area of concentration.

Why would particles act this way you ask? Why would they clump into large masses that may be uncomfortable for them? Why are the laws of Physics different in this strange otherworldly dimension, and in what other ways are they different? Why do particles from our won, highly ordered universe act so differently when in injected into Subwayspace? Science doesn’t currently have the answers to these questions, but let us all hope, for the sake of future generations that they someday will!

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