Time Warner sez: no internets for you!

So, I live in a household of geeks. I admit it. I’m a systems architect (a term that pisses off my actual, like, building-type architect friends a whole bunch), my manfriend is a photo geek with a penchant for gaming, both online and off, and our roommate is a grumpy oldschool sysadmin who likes to wear bras on his head hack *nix variants. So when our internet service goes on the fritz, it is a MAJOR MELTDOWN ZOMG in our place. I mean, we might have to, I don’t know, leave the house and interact with humans!

Tonight our internet service, along with our cable, went out at the same time for about an hour. After a little while, I started jonesing, so I got on the phone with Time Warner and waded through their seemingly fucking endless maze of menu options that were lorded over by a voice-recognition-that-doesn’t-actually-recognize-voice-response system. After that, I spent probably 20 minutes on hold until a nice, pleasant Canadian man got on the phone, and told me that every single modem in New York City was currently not working, they were doing emergency maintenance to fix it, and that it would be up by 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Every single (Time Warner, obvs) modem in New York City!?!? How will people get their porn and illegal MP3s all night? Oh, the humanity!

Anyway, he ran a test on my cable box and credited me with a month of free Skinemax for my trouble. And about 3 minutes after I hung up, everything came back up.

I just hope it stays up long enough for me to

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