Suburban Fruits

Can anyone who is more in tune with the current trends in interior design please explain to me the fascination with giant fruit? I’ve been working in Rhode Island for the past week loading in a show that I designed, which has meant that I’ve done a lot of shopping in the area for set dressing. One unexpected plus is that wrought iron seems to be in this year, which has been great since I’m using a lot of it in the show, but in my shopping I’ve come across tons of giant fruit. Giant pears in particular seem to be popular out here in the suburban world. I’ve seen them made from paper mache, glass, ceramic, wicker, and iron. Baskets woven in the shape of pears. Chairs with giant pear prints. And not just pears either. Pumpkins, apples, grapes… almost any globe shaped fruit can be located rendered in an oversized form. It’s not just in the stores either, I’ve actually seen these things in people’s homes. One of the sponsors of the theatre had the designers over for dinner and there by her dining room mantle was a giant pear made of twigs. Perhaps I don’t spend time in the right stores or homes in Manhattan, but this is not a phenomenon that I’ve seen at home. Am I missing something? What does a giant fruit even represent? Is it that much harder to decorate and fill the space in the enormous sprawling homes of the suburbs that giant fruit seems a logical answer?

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