I thought today was a company holiday

Like Melissa, I didn’t hear a thing until my alarm woke me up at 6:30am, and I too saw the sun shining as I was about to leave for work. Since I also walk to work, I didn’t notice anything wrong, except for one large puddle on 60th & 3rd. I didn’t pay it much attention.

When I walked into work at 9:30am, I swear I thought the company I work for had the day off. The elevators, normally quite crowded at that time, were empty. In my department, two people were in. When I sat down and started looking at e-mail, I became aware of the fact that it apparently rained quite heavily overnight and of the issues commuters were having.

One person, who normally takes the E from Queens informed everyone that the E wasn’t running into Manhattan and that she was taking the LIRR. Within 40 minutes she informed everyone that she was now stuck on the LIRR and had no clue when she would be in. Another person, who also takes the LIRR, proclaimed that he was 10 minutes away from Penn at 9:45am. He walked into the office shortly before 11am, which would make his door to door commute 3.5 hours. And then there was the case of our lone Metro-North commuter. While on his train, he got an e-mail that said that all service into Grand Central was shut down. Shortly after that e-mail, a tree fell on his train car. A tree! According to him, the conductor got out, somehow managed to push the tree off the train, and they all proceeded to wait until trains were once again able to arrive at GC. All told, he was only 1.5 hours late.

Me, I arrived at work on time and only had to deal with that one large puddle. Everyone else had the commute from hell all because of a little rain that wasn’t powerful enough to wake me. Truth be told…not much wakes me. An ex of mine swears she had sex with me in the middle of the night and I didn’t stop snoring.

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  1. X (unregistered) on August 8th, 2007 @ 8:04 pm

    Something tells me you probably can’t recall much about 9/11/01 either…

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