When does 60 minutes become 20?

EastRiverWalk.jpgWhen you go for a jog in the middle of a hot day.

I normally go for a run after work or very late in the day on weekends so I’m not running in the blazing hot sun. Due to the fact that I’m going to see The Police tonight, I had to move my run around, and the only time I could do it was around 12:30pm. Big mistake.

I like to run on the East River Esplanade, and normally at 6:30pm or 7pm, with the sun low on the west side and a breeze blowing, I can run for an hour, which translates to about 5.5 miles. Today, with the sun blazing overhead and even reflecting off buildings on Roosevelt Island, and no breeze whatsoever, I had to give up after 20 minutes.

On the walk back to the 63rd Street overpass, I looked at all the people and realized that I was doing the wrong thing on the Walk at that time. I should have been sitting on a bench and reading the paper or lying on the grass and taking in some sun. Instead, I was sweating and panting and daydreaming about my air conditioner.

Even the dogs who were out, and smartly sitting in the shade of trees, were looking at me like I was crazy.

I guess a 20 minute run in the blazing sun is better than nothing, but next time I can’t run late in the day in the summer, it just might be better to just stay inside and wait another day.

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