Prague: A NYer’s View, Post 2

Let’s talk about drinking and then… uhm… dealing with the result. First off Prague is a GREAT city to drink in if you like beer. There are several breweries here in the city that brew everything from Pilsners, (named after Pilsen, a town not far from here) to dark wheaty beers. In most of the restaurants and pubs beer is literally cheaper than water. The ubiquitous glass of water at a table does not exist here, and you are forced to rder bottled water if you want to have any. A small bottle, .33 liters, costs about $2 US in most places, but I have seen beer as cheap as .75 cents US in several of the more out of the way eateries. A far far cry from the $5 or $6 you pay for a beer in NYC, (or even the $9 or $10 in some places). Imported beers and liquors are of course more expensive, but really, with such a great selection f local brews why would you want anything else? Still though, after a day of running around looking at castles and churches it would be really great to grab a huge bottle of water, but it just doesn’t seem to exist.

Of course with all the beer comes the inevitable problems…

Of finding a bathroom. Of course the bars and eateries have bathrooms, but out on the street when you are sightseeing might be a different matter. In NYC the best solution always seems to be Starbucks, they are more convenient and easier to deal with than any of the “public” restrooms, which are few and far between. Hell, and city that needs websites devoted to finding a bathroom has issues.

So how does Prague stack up? Much much better actually. All over the city you will find street signs marked with “WC” leading you to the closest public facility. In some of the busier areas you may have to drop 5 or 10 Kc for the privilege of going (.25 or .50 cents), but for the most it’s all free and easy. So much better than New York. How is it that a city with 600 and 700 year old buildings has better plumbing facilities than our modern metropolis? They have a homeless population here as well, but still they manage to keep clean working toilets available to everyone. In this regard, Prague 1, NYC 0.

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