Movin’ On Up

There’s something so intense about moving in New York City. The packing, the cleaning, the packing, and dealing with living in a walkup. No one I know in New York has lived here for more than a year and not moved once and it’s amazing to me that you can move such a short distance but it seems so much more difficult than even my 2000 mile move for graduate school.
What is it about New York City that turns some things into seemingly impossible tasks while others – like finding an all night pharmacy (Try doing that in Podunk Mississippi) for some 1 AM Maalox likely means you won’t walk more than a block or two? I guess it’s just another paradox of the Big Apple.
I moved last week and the process turned out to be surprisingly average, a real first for me (by far, this was the easiest of my 6 moves since living in NYC). I think I was fortunate enough to be moving about 7 city blocks and into a building with an elevator. The downs were rough but the up was easy! My blogging’s been light-to-nonexistent during that time but I hope to get back into the swing of city life soon.

In the meanwhile, I’m re-immersing myself in the news of the city and normal blogging will resume shortly!

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