I hate it when this happens

I’ve had food orders get messed up while ordering in because sometimes things just aren’t that clear over the phone, but this is the first time it happened to me in person.

On my way home tonight I stopped into a Texas Rotisserie and ordered something for dinner to go. I was the only one the place that was getting something to go, so I’m not exactly sure how this happened. After about 10 minutes, the cashier brought around a bag and gave it to me and wished me a good night.

After getting home and changing, I opened the bag to discover something that was not even close to what I ordered. They must have mixed up my take-out with one of their other delivery orders.

To whoever got my turkey burger…I hope you enjoyed the sweet potato fries. I enjoyed your chicken, but how come you got mashed potatoes and regular fries? Two potato sides? You need a little variety in there. Next time go for a potato side and maybe stuffing, mac and cheese, or corn.

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