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Hey Everyone!
Have any of you registered for the Aids Walk New York on May 20th? I am in and my team name is Disha. Anyone willing to walk a couple of hours in the sunshine, are welcome to join my team or walk individually! It starts at Central Park and ends at the same place.

Also, I do not wish to solicit, but since this is for a good cause, make this an exception:
You can directly contribute to the event or volunteer for it. You can come for the walk and walk with Whoopi Goldberg :-) You can also help me raise a few cents worth to help the cause. Please click Here if you wish to do so.
Again, it is entirely up to each individual’s perception of making a donation or not. You would have made a difference to someone if you do, but you may also think, what does it matter? I am appealing to the people of the first kind.

Any help is welcome. We are the present – lets make our future a safe place.

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  1. Anna Maliere (unregistered) on May 19th, 2007 @ 2:32 pm

    Tomorrow Sunday, May 20th, is AidsWalk in Central Park. Will you be there? Volunteering…donating..walking..just hanging out in the park? I host a cable TV show and I am doing an entire episode on Aids Awareness.. It will be a unique type of project because the questions will be very personal. The point of this is to capture the emotions of the people I am interviewing. This is to help strike a nerve with the audience (which will mostly be young people). This is not to lecture anyone with aids education but to just be honest and blunt. Something REAL to relate to. Will be airing on our TV show, as well as on our site and many other Aids awareness/educational websites.

    What I am looking for:

    People who know the statistics.
    People who don’t know that much about Aids.
    People who have Aids.
    People who don’t.
    People who have someone close to them have it.
    Or died from Aids.
    People who live beautiful, meaningful lives with Hiv/Aids.
    People that are expressive and open.
    Those that are shy.
    Those that want to make a difference.
    Do you think we are doing enough to improve our lives.. I want to hear theories..

    Most importantly, those that can use their life experience/stories and personal opinion to affect others.

    please give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. This is YOUR time to speak YOUR truth. I don’t believe in censorship.

    800-365-6214 ex:105

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