I’ll Take Manhattan

Whew! It’s hard coming back and finding something to blog about. What can I say except San Francisco was pretty darn awesome? It’s a great city, pretty easy to get around in spite of a weird public transportation system in which they seem adamant about not cluing you in to how it works or where you can get said transportation.
Still, I managed to visit Pacific Heights, Union Square (there’s has palm trees and Macy’s, ours has protests and skateboarders), more homeless people than you could shake a stick at, the Castro, a square devoted to chocolate and a gigantic vermillion bridge.
The weather was crappy, as it seems New York got my California weather while I was gone. I still managed to travel that city from one corner to the other and back again about four times and visit point after point of interest.
Even though I enjoyed it and the city certainly reawakened my not-quite-forgotten West Coast love, I still turned to my boyfriend as we were circling to land at LaGuardia and could see the lights of Manhattan out the window and said, “there’s nowhere on earth like New York.”

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