Bodies Show

I had an eye-opening visit yesterday, when I for the first time discovered how black a smoker’s lungs were compared to a non-smokers. Looking at the actual lungs…yep, I am talking about the “much talked about/everyone’s been there” bodies exhibition down by south street seaport. Considering this was my first outing after me getting back into the country (had to leave for an emergency to india, which explains my absence), it was pretty eye-opening.
The baby-infant section was acutely sensitive for me, I dont know how others felt about this one. The best part was where they extracted all the fibrous tissues and nerves in the wrist and palm, removed all the muscle.
In case I am talking about something which you all already know, excuse me for that. But the cool part is – Get a free round-trip MetroCard with your purchase of a ticket to see the Bodies Exhibition at the South Street Seaport

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