New York for the Single Footed

foot.gifRecently I broke my foot (a chip fracture of the cuboid, if you must know) and while it has been pretty inconvenient to hobble around on one leg for the last few days, it occurred to me that New York City is probably one of the only places where someone could survive on their own for a few weeks without really being able get around at all:

  • First off, taxis and car services abound, and although they are expensive, it beats that hell out of trying to make it up and down the subway station stairs. I can pretty much get anywhere I need to–the doctor’s office, the radiologist, back home, from around $20. And I live in Brooklyn!
  • Most people in NYC live in doorman building with elevators, which makes life a whole lot easier. Unfortunately I’m living in my recently constructed tri-plex loft which has a lot of stairs, but at least no one needs to see me grimace and hold up traffic in public on my private stairs
  • Pretty much everything can be delivered! Although I miss the days of Kosmo and Urban Fetch where you could have a movie, ice cream and condoms delivered to your door via the net in under an hour, we still have vast delivery options that other cities don’t have. Fresh Direct can deliver and whole host of pre-cooked foods and snacks the next day, local pet stores deliver food and litter so my cats don’t mistake me for dead and munch on my only working foot.

But here’s the bad news: I missed out on the free ice cream. Dammit! So please, everyone, I’ll be trapped inside for the next few weeks. Regale me with tales of your bipeded-ness!

What are some other NYC only options for the home-bound ill such as myself?

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