Water, Water Everywhere

Leave it to flooding to bring out the best in New Yorkers.
I got on a shuttle bus this morning (thanks, broken water main!) and crammed into space normally reserved for something smaller than a rabbit and waited on the bus to stop (and stop and stop) at the actual subway station with a working train. The poor shuttle bus was filled to bursting when I got on it and was only getting worse at each stop. Eventually, the breaking point was reached when a man whom I’m CERTAIN weight a quarter of a ton attempted to get on. When he couldn’t push his way through an immovable mass of people, he began to yell. And rant. And rave. And the bus shook.
I would have been frightened if I had been in danger of being shaken about by his ranting but I was easily wedged in between grandma and a construction worker.
When the dude tried to verbally assault the bus drive, we finally pulled away.
After a series of mishaps, I was very happy and relieved to arrive at my office only a half hour late. Surprisingly, yesterday was only the 5th wettest day on record.

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