An Open Letter to ‘The Casa’


Hey there Casa,

We’ve spoken before remember? How’s it going? I know you’re feeling pretty superior having somehow managed to win your fight with the DoB with all those illegal mezzanine spaces you have. I’m assuming since one of your three building is currently vacant that you simply transferred FAR from that to the other two buildings that have been occupied for the last few months. Way to avoid knocking a few floors off! Good for you.

I’m actually happy for the owners in those two buildings, as I know you put them through hell with your two plus years of construction delays. I know they felt pretty fed up and left in the dark for a while there, so it’s nice to know they finally landed on their feet and are part of the fine section of Williamsburg.

But what of that one vacant building, you know the one with the plywood over the entrances and all the graffiti? How can your other occupants feel safe being adjoined to such an insecure structure?

And what of the snow removal? I know it only snowed 6 days ago and your schedule is soooo busy, but how about you find some freaking time to shovel or at least put down some salt? It’s a real nuisance slipping and sliding all over that stuff, especially in the 66 degree weather today. Just trying to make the neighborhood a safe place to be.

Thanks and bye bye,

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