Divine Bar


The other night I met some friends up at Divine Bar at 236 W 54th Street (& Broadway). I was kind of nervous at first considering it’s location being so close to Times Square. But this place was deffinitely more than I expected.

We walked into a very modern-contemporary decorated bar that was deffnitely appealing from the start. It had a very casual, kind of “after work” but yet sophisticated feel. Nothing TOO fancy, but not your average sit down pub style bar. Anyways, I guess this place is well known for its wine, and apparently they have some pretty good food as well. I ordered a Jack & Coke, which cost me a little over 10 bucks.

After our whole party was there (five people) a very friendly woman led us upstairs to the kinda “lounge” area. There are plush couches, small tables, and other comfy furniture pieces all around, lit by dim lighting and candles. There was another room that we didn’t go into, but it looked equally as nice. I believe there was a two drink per person minimum to go upstairs, but it is deffinitely worth it. It’s a more relaxed, chill atmosphere where you and your friends (or date) can really just relax and enjoy yourselves. Not to mention the waitresses are outstanding in service there. Not only are they extremely friendly, but they were very timely. If I would have had more money, I would have stayed all night. I guess the beers really aren’t that expensive, just some of the mixed drinks, but really I can’t remember. Afterall this is NYC and drinks aren’t usually cheap as it is.

They gave us one large bill, which we had to split between about 4 debit cards. The lady had no problem in doing so for us. After we left, one of the waitresses came out on the street yelling for us because one of the guys forgot his debit card at the table- very nice of her.

I am deffinitely planning on going back sometime to try their food and wine, maybe even take a date there. It’s a nice little place where you can actually talk to the people you’re there with, without the loud bass pumping music blasting in your ears.

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