Voting and Other Obligatory Things


Sure, most of the election results in NY are pretty much guaranteed at this point, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding your local polling place, getting your ass down there, chatting with some of the nice old ladies, struggling with the ancient and broken down machines and voting. My polling place was completely empty this morning, not a very heartening site, but I got to chat with a nice, toothless old woman with a sprained wrist about politics for a bit. Seems like she’s voting Democrat across the board, but couldn’t bring herself to go with Hevesi after the scandal–sounds like everyone I know. I told her a politician without a scandal is just a politician who hasn’t been caught yet and we laughed, cried and later held each other.

Anyways, no surprises here, as pictured above, based on NYC Metblogs pretty much universal love for our soontobe new Governor. Please go vote!

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