My New Favorite Game…

Call it a field study into the price tag of New York sheik.

As a few of the guys at work are trying to pin down new apartments, there have been a lot of visits to craigslist from these desks lately. Little bursts of delight popping when a good deal pops up, usually followed by the grumble of post-broker deliberations. Living month to month, I couldn’t help myself, and started lurking about. I popped in the rent I’m currently playing to see what options I’d have in Brooklyn, my home borough. Then, I thought, let’s see about Queens. Well, why not the Bronx? Then, just for a laugh, Manhattan.

And then, with a spring in the mind, the real adventure began, and I started searching in other cities. Same deal. Dropped my current rent into the field, and see what pops…up…Holy Shit! Before I go on, please keep in mind, all three of these apartments are roughly the same monthly rent.

In NYC: Studio Apt, 45 mins out of Manhattan (by subway). Basement. Approx 400 sq ft. Required first, deposit and broker’s fee equal to one months rent.

In Austin: Two bedroom, two baths, patio, 20 min out of downtown (by foot.) 970 sq. ft. In a complex with pools, fitness center, Billard Room, and…get this…a free DVD rental station. That’s right, in Austin you get a free blockbuster with your rent. Oh…and there’s no brokers fee, and they knock $250 off the first months rent as a signing bonus and…I…urg…Oh god…
This hurts.

In London: (And yes I did the conversion from Dollars to Pounds.) Two bedroom, two bathroom, 15 min out of town centre (by the tube.) Well…oh god…ummmm…one bathroom has a…oh jesus…a JACUZZI. That’s just…that’s just…it also has central air…and a central…no…no…it can’t…why? Why would God do this to me? A Central music system, that you can hear it perfectly, since the entire apartment has been…soundproofed.

Kill me.

Go ahead, give it a whirl, and take a gander at what we’re all spending for the wonders of New York City. It’ll make you consider shoving your lease down your throat and choking on it!!! Whee!!

For the non-NYC’ers and metrobloggers, jump on in and see the hovel you’d be living in if you took a bite out of the big bad ‘spensive apple.

One more time: Whee!!!

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  1. ~dana (unregistered) on September 28th, 2006 @ 7:14 pm

    Great game! But way too depressing for me to play…

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