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Construction accident in East Village

My roommate just got a call from his bus-riding ladyfriend saying that there was a construction accident in the East Village on 3rd Avenue. Right now, emergency vehicles are all over 3rd and 2nd Avenues as they respond to the incident. There’s not a lot of information available just yet, but the bus driver said that she can’t drive up 3rd Avenue right now due to the emergency vehicles, so it must be a pretty significant accident. Apparently, something fell from a crane on part of a crane fell from the roof of a building that is under construction, which injured at least 6 people and crushed a cab. According to NY1, it’s unknown if anyone was in the cab at the time.

Anyone in the area with more information?

Update: NY1 just said that bus lines affected are M15, 27, 42, 50, and 104.

Update 2: The accident occurred near 13th St and 3rd Ave.

Update 3: Looks like 5 people were hurt in the crane incident, and some were people who were in the cab that was partially crushed. More information at NY1.

Ethical what?

I have a concert tonight and it’s not at one of the usual venues. At least not usual for me.

Has anyone heard of the New York Society for Ethical Culture? I hadn’t until I placed my order for tickets to see Al DiMeola… CRAZY talented and one of the most prestigious guitarists around. Anyway, the concert’s tonight, so I get to check this place out.

If you want to learn more about this society, you can check that out here.

I’m actually just curious to see what the vibe is like (it’s on the UWS off CPW) and I really wonder how Al DiMeola ended up there. My curiosity will leave me as soon as he starts to play, so there may not be a follow-up to this.

On Monday, I was at Webster Hall for the Thievery Corporation concert. To me, that’s the right fit. I haven’t been to Webster Hall in about 10 years, and NEVER for a concert, but at least I knew what to expect.

Breaking News: L Train Shut Down, Suspicious Gas Released at Lorimer Street

fdny.jpgRight now the L is down in both directions stemming from an incident at Lorimer Street. I live around the corner from the Lorimer Street stop so there is tons of activity around here. They have Metropolitan shut down for at least 5 blocks and there are hundreds of people milling around looking scared and curious, tons of police and fire trucks, as well as representatives from the Mayor’s office here investigating. The guy I spoke to from the Mayor’s office said they think some kids let off some pepper spray either in the station or one of the cars and that a few people inhaled it and were understandably distressed, but that it is most likely harmless. They are still investigating and not taking any chances. Did anyone else hear anything?

UPDATE–10:40 am: NY1 is saying the L just reopened and should be running shortly. Evidently someone set off mace or pepper spray on a Brooklyn bound L train at 3rd Ave. At f1st Avenue all the passengers in that car got off the train coughing and tearing, so the MTA employee there alerted the authorities. Then the train continued on to Lorimer Street where the car was investigated. Evidently no one was seriously hurt and this turned out to be a minor thing. The initial reports were definitely scary–glad it turned out to be fairly harmless.

Photo via Gothamist

first day of work

i started my new job today. i was so excited about this job, at EXPRESS (clothing store) because it seemed like a fun environment in which people are not generally mad for once. I used to be a hostess at the Sprint cell phone store, and about 4 out of every 5 customers that walked in that door really gave me an earful. but today, wasn’t exactly a cakewalk.

Cool NYC Pics: Automatt’s Duality

New Series! New Series! Cool photos of NYC–it’s that simple. Got a cool photo of NYC? Seen a cool photo of NYC? Drop us a line or leave a comment.

Today’s photo is from Automatt’s Flickr stream. Click to bigify or see this page to download the original version (2304 x 3456)


The Hair Chair


Spotted on the corner of Metropolitan and Wythe in Williamsburg this afternnoon, on the way to lunch with two friends. I just had to stop and take a photo–WTF?

The Worlds Fair of Technology… here in New York


Actually, it’s the Wired NextFest event that’s being held at the Javits Center, and for someone who enjoys this kind of thing (like I do), it’ll FEEL like a World’s Fair.

Last night, I was able to get a sneak peak at the event (which doesn’t really open until Friday). I love being a +1 for these things!

I would really suggest checking this out. Even if you’re not a Techy, there’s LOT’S of entertaining stuff. My friend was DREADING this (she’s more of a fashionista), and she ended up having a ball.

The big hits last night were the Robots. There was one that ballroom danced, one with an Albert Einstein head, one that’s a DJ, one that pours drinks, and one that could be a receptionist or nanny. That one LOOKS like a real woman. Freaky.

Then, for you boys, there were lots of games. Virtual canoeing, musical climbing wall, karate trainer, games that insert YOU into them, virtual tennis… you get the picture.

Of course, there were plenty of innovations in Healthcare, Security, Transportation, Space Exploration, Communication, Design and lots of new Environmentally friendly products. Yay!

Even though my head is still spinning a bit while I sit here thinking about all the cool shit I saw, I wish it was a larger event – like the Auto Show – but I’m going back on Saturday since not everything was up yet.

Sadly, I don’t think they’ll be serving free alcohol and food again.

Playing with mirrors.

nyc.jpg chicago.jpg

This is no longer timely, but a week or two ago, like the good blogger I am, I did stroll over to Rockefeller Center to check out the temporary Sky Mirror installation by artist Anish Kapoor. And having just been to Chicago, I couldn’t help but compare it to Cloud Gate, another of Kapoor’s works, which is permanently installed in that city’s Millennium Park. Both are incredibly striking, though I have to say that I find the differences in their presentations almost as striking as the works themselves.

Keith Olberman vs. The New York Post

If you’re not watching MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann (or at least seeing the particularly good portions on YouTube), you might very well be missing some of the most thoughtful dissent and intelligent political bitch-slapping in recent memory. Case is point, Olbermann is lampooned in the NY Post this week after receiving a suspicious letter filled with white powder. The Post calls him “acerbic”, “terrified”, “caustic” and “panicked”, painting him as having overreacted and wondering outloud if he received a lollipop after his hospital visit. The calm, yet assertive Olbermann retorts on his show here and wins and even larger place in my heart. Worth watching regardless of your political leanings, as I think we can all agree that the Post is a worthless rag.

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My New Favorite Game…

Call it a field study into the price tag of New York sheik.

As a few of the guys at work are trying to pin down new apartments, there have been a lot of visits to craigslist from these desks lately. Little bursts of delight popping when a good deal pops up, usually followed by the grumble of post-broker deliberations. Living month to month, I couldn’t help myself, and started lurking about. I popped in the rent I’m currently playing to see what options I’d have in Brooklyn, my home borough. Then, I thought, let’s see about Queens. Well, why not the Bronx? Then, just for a laugh, Manhattan.

And then, with a spring in the mind, the real adventure began, and I started searching in other cities. Same deal. Dropped my current rent into the field, and see what pops…up…Holy Shit! Before I go on, please keep in mind, all three of these apartments are roughly the same monthly rent.

In NYC: Studio Apt, 45 mins out of Manhattan (by subway). Basement. Approx 400 sq ft. Required first, deposit and broker’s fee equal to one months rent.

In Austin: Two bedroom, two baths, patio, 20 min out of downtown (by foot.) 970 sq. ft. In a complex with pools, fitness center, Billard Room, and…get this…a free DVD rental station. That’s right, in Austin you get a free blockbuster with your rent. Oh…and there’s no brokers fee, and they knock $250 off the first months rent as a signing bonus and…I…urg…Oh god…
This hurts.

In London: (And yes I did the conversion from Dollars to Pounds.) Two bedroom, two bathroom, 15 min out of town centre (by the tube.) Well…oh god…ummmm…one bathroom has a…oh jesus…a JACUZZI. That’s just…that’s just…it also has central air…and a central…no…no…it can’t…why? Why would God do this to me? A Central music system, that you can hear it perfectly, since the entire apartment has been…soundproofed.

Kill me.

Go ahead, give it a whirl, and take a gander at what we’re all spending for the wonders of New York City. It’ll make you consider shoving your lease down your throat and choking on it!!! Whee!!

For the non-NYC’ers and metrobloggers, jump on in and see the hovel you’d be living in if you took a bite out of the big bad ‘spensive apple.

One more time: Whee!!!

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