Saturdays on St. Marks

Usually, I don’t have Saturday mornings. I prefer to wake up at 2 p.m., later if possible. If there’s one thing that can get me out of bed on a Saturday, however, it’s the famous $.88 bin at Sounds.

(That is the name of the place, right? The one with the stairs. That’s what I’ve always called it.) The truly magical thing about the bin is that you can usually find something you want in it. And, if not something you want, something that will seriously make you laugh…as opposed to a bunch of nameless crap that just makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit. My favorite score ever is an Old Pike CD featuring Carl Broemel. Funny, because I had forgotten about Old Pike until my shopping companion and I ran into this record. Said companion and I had met Carl at a Holiday Inn years before, and couldn’t believe we actually found one of his records. Funnier still, at the time of the Holiday Inn-cident, Carl was on tour with LIFEHOUSE, yet he’s now in…MY MORNING JACKET!

On a nice day, a stroll to St. Marks, and to Sounds specifically (even though it’s FAR far far from being my favorite record store) brings back the memories nicely. Something about it is just serene as hell. St. Marks is kind of festering, but I love it for what it is.

P.S. – I also might get out of bed for brunch at Counter. What (besides work) drags you out on Saturdays?

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