What You Can See Taking a 60 Block Walk

“Why do you walk so much, John?”

Here’s why:


Duffy’s in midtown made it a point to introduce their new model employee. Oddly enough, though, the black mannequin itself didn’t appear in the windows, just a collection of white female mannequins. Maybe he was still training. Still it’s nice to see a company so proud of their minority team members. Even if it is a bit sketchy that they bought him.


A SunGlassHut, following in Daffy’s footsteps, shows off their flexibility when it comes to their customers. Judging by the models they put up, any enemy of Ripley’s is a friend of theirs.


Just continuing evidence that Catholics make the ugliest churches. Really, did the Pope get a big grant in the 1970’s and tell his Bishops to go crazy? All these places are missing are disco balls and the Average White Band performing the recessional.


Yes, it does exist. I’ve been telling people of this particular institution for years, and finally, FINALLY I have photographic evidence. Classes involved in this B.S. degree include: Introduction to the Hose, De-Licing, and Getting Cuddly-Wuddly with your client. By the way, you can tell the man in this pic would be proud if his daughter matriculated here. That diploma on her wall…single tear. So lovely.

Took me an hour to make the walk. Sweated through my t-shirt. Sooooooo worth it.

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  1. james (unregistered) on June 24th, 2006 @ 10:53 am

    ha ha ha…the new york school of dog-grooming. i thought for sure this was the sort of thing that had to exist only in nyc. no way would atlanta have anything that could compete.

    ah, but a quick google search turned up this (http://www.thegroomingschool.com/)

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