Window Cleaning Day

70-Window1369.pngOne of the oddest occurrences in my day to day office life is the morning when we have our windows cleaned. I’m never quite comfortable when someone has to come into my office and do full-bodied work while I tap about on my computer, but more disconcerting is trying to type away, speaking brightly to the customer on the phone while a man, approximately two feet from my receiver is hanging out the window.

For the higher floors they have rigs and pulleys and wire-fu-like Matrix devices, but for my short three floors, they just hang out the frickin window, dangling a good twenty five feet off the ground with nothing but the McDonald’s awning to catch them. (Given that it is a McDonald’s awning, they’d at least be well greased by the time they hit pavement.)

I just find it odd to see some guy Spidermaning it off a twentieth floor building face, just so a few office drones don’t have to deal with that smudge some dang pigeon must have left.

If nothing else, if the whole window cleaning thing falls through, they can at least be a repelling advisor to SWAT.

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  1. Anna (unregistered) on June 20th, 2006 @ 11:15 am

    John-Boy! I totally know what you’re talking about. Not that I have a window, but in my building they were hanging out the 11th floor!

    I love the spooky feeling I get in my stomach when I see the window washers for the Grace building very close to the ground and the cables extend SO FAR UP!

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