DMV Update and Funny People Standing


First of all, I feel I should give a quick update on my new New York license.
It arrived yesterday.
My jury duty papers arrived the day before.
Fifteen wasted hours of my life were merely prelude. It’s almost as if the city itself is saying, “Ha! Gotcha!”

That said, should you be looking for an evening of mild-tittering, well, baby, have I got a show for you! Everybody say “whee” for self-aggrandizement.

Back in ancient times, me a few friends of mine used to partake of the Stand-Up Comedy. We were the annoyances working from six to one in the morning, fliering everyone that hoved into our field of vision. We compared our varied reactions to the on-going machinations of Michael Jackson. We all danced in fields of Hackery. They were halcyon days. Except when they weren’t.

For various reasons, we all dropped the mic, and not in the emphatic way Chris Rock does at the end of his set, sending the sound crew into fits of despair.

But now we’re back baby! We’re back and we’re mildly perturbed! Tonight we have a one-night stand with milady Humor, and attempt to woo her to our side once more. For the adventurous, I invite you to join us on our journey into the hackneyed descriptions of the everyday. Together we will stare into such insightful comments as “Don’t you hate it when the subway is late?” and “What the hell is hummus anyway?”

Tonight we play. Come play with us. Considering the clubs we’re running and hiding from, you now have an chance to support the independent voices of New York Comedy. The rebel voices, the ones that cry into the night, “You know what the difference is between men and women?” We will not be silenced! Our semi pithy statements about the banal will be heard! And thanks to the addition of Mr. Carlos, a real pro, it might even be worth a chortle or two.

The Out of Hibernation Tour – Featuring: Jordan Carlos, Devin Assunscio, Brett Jones, Seth Hurlbert, and Jordan Zolan. Hosted by your own John-Boy.
Tonight at the bar below Nevada Smiths
74 3rd Ave. (B/w 11th and 12th.)
8:00 p.m. – Doors open at 7:30. $5 cover.

In the words of Will Smith in ID-4: “PEACE!”

(End of desperate self-promotion.)

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