This morning at the bottom of the subway stairs a gathering of hulking cops, coughing and sweating, were there lazily checking for haystack needles on a dirty folding table. Wasn’t as organized and procedural as I had witnessed in months past. I figured that the only reason they were there, as I hadn’t seen these checks some time now, was staying out of the rain. Now I could be wrong, and most likely am, but I’m sticking by my snap judgment. (And plus, that’s what you’ve come to expect from me).

Today I was walking with my friend Heidi from work who harbors an unspoken resentment towards me and who lives next door to me and whom I occasionally run into en route to the subway on our way to work. She was upset cos Tony Almeida died last night and I was consoling her as we walked down the subway stairs. One of the officers looks at me, points towards my side and says “we need to check your bag” to which I reply “yeah right” and proceeded to walk away, through the turnstile and down the stairs to the 5 Train. Heidi couldn’t believe I did this. Now while I hate cops with a passion, I wish I could say that my reply was grounded in defiance. Or that I was standing up for my unalienable rights as a citizen of the United States to not be searched on a whim and a fancy, but rather through constitutionally appropriated procedures. Or that I screamed “Attica!” on my way down to the express train. But it was because I was late for work like the collar shirt n’ sweater asshole that I am. I just didn’t have the time. And I realized that I, like those shuffling punks in uniform, was a tool for the man, just another cog in the Machine. And I thought that maybe they weren’t such bad guys after all. That they had families to support and they were doing their civic duty and who did I think I was telling them “yeah right.” But then again, fuck them.

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  1. Bill (unregistered) on March 14th, 2006 @ 10:04 pm

    You are THE MAN. Good for you! Publicity stunts by the City should not involve screwing around with the working man.

    I only hope that this New McCarthyism goes to the grave real soon.


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