A night of blurry bands


That’s a band called Big Bear, playing the Right Rides benefit at Tonic last night. I had never heard of the band before yesterday, but they have the fiercest tambourine player I’ve ever seen in my life. I used to think of the tambourine as a pretty laid back instrument, but this girl showed me otherwise. By the end of the set, sparkly bits of tambourine littered the stage.

As for Right Rides, I’ve never used them, but they sound like a cool organization:

As a direct response to assaults against women in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, RightRides is a non-profit transportation alternative that provides free, safe, late night rides for ladies to their homes.

Since I’m a lady (at least, I like to think so) and I live in Williamsburg, that could potentially come in handy. Right Rides is on “winter break” right now as they work to expand the fleet, but according to the FAQ, they’ll be back in service on March 26.

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