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Two Wheels

The cheapest way to get around New York has been the subway. Note, I said cheapest. Not necessarily the best. But, then me thinks, its not even the cheapest.

Two wheels is the cheapest and the best. Two wheels and an engine in the middle. Generally called a motorcycle. Jokingly called a scooter, moped et al.

Reduces door to door commute [Brooklyn to Astor Place] from 45 to 15 minutes. Gas (post Katrina) costs for a month total around 30 $. Insurance is about a buck a month. Do the math!

Generally ride from mid-march to early December. And the biggest advantage is you can park anywhere.

Any sidewalk, any place. Just park. Dismount. Lock the “two wheels” and walk away. With your license plate in hand. Simple detachable and oh so convenient. Cops stopped writing tickets to VIN #. Too many opportunities to make a typo. Heard it from an ex-NYPDer and been proven true many a times.

And all this is just the functional part. What about the convenience factor. Zip around town to meet friends for lunch, 30 blocks cross town! Done ! Not having to take the dreaded G train home…priceless !!

And of course the fun. The pure orgasmic pleasure of going fast !
The wind in your hair. The lane splitting. The envy of the motorist who crawls at 2 mph on Manhattan Bridge while you zoom by.

Ah, the pleasures of “two wheels”.

To Live and Fly to L.A.

I got back from Los Angeles yesterday and I

5th and 47th closed for a block radius

So they closed down my building.

My girlfriend

Full & Penniless

There are two universal truths to lunchtime in the Big Apple: there is no shortage of places to eat, and you can probably find every conceivable cuisine within a three-block radius of your office. You can literally have whatever you want, as long as you can pull yourself away from your desk long enough to grab it.

The problem with having so many choices is that one can almost become paralyzed with indecision. Which is my current rationalization for eating lunch at Hale & Hearty. Every. Day. Like Rain Man, with the toothpicks and the cheeseballs, I show up my local location at 1:00 sharp Monday thru Friday. After three months, the counter girls know me by name, screaming

Man goes on Craigslist to sell his cheating wife’s belongings…

I really don’t know if this is true, but it was entertaining as all hell to read.

According to the ad, this guy figured out that his wife was cheating on him when she signed him up for tango lessons 4 times a week and then took off for a supposed “business trip” to Maui.

This guy didn’t waste ANY time taking inventory of her crap – 44 items. Not a lot of stuff for a woman although some of the items seem more like they would be his.

Anyone need a 1978 Cadillac, a Jeep Wrangler, a bowling ball, or maybe 1978 Superman Trading Cards?
Does he even have titles to these cars?

Check it out here

You’ve GOT to love Craigslist.

Two New Authors!

Today we are joined by two brand-spanking new NYC Metroblogging authors. Welcome Arzan Sam Wadia and Jennifer Blessman! Make sure to check out their bios on the left-hand column with all sorts of info about them and links to their personal blogs. And of course watch out for their new posts here!

Sounds like a Law and Order episode…

Last night while I was walking to the gym and then again while I was heading home, I missed all the hub-bub. Actually, I guess being a New Yorker, I just ignored the sirens. Just about a block from where I live, a 21 year old girl was murdered – her throat slashed.

Her neighbors heard the struggle and screaming, but no one came out to see what was going on. I understand how you don’t want to get involved and risk getting hurt, but doesn’t your gut make you run to the door? Maybe I’m an idiot for checking on my neighbors when I hear screams (always with a bat in hand), but that’s just me – maybe I’ve been lucky too. I just can’t understand how easy it is for some people to take someone else’s life.

Story says that the boyfriend who was in the apartment with her, stepped out for a few minutes to move his car and when he came back, he found her dead on the floor. I’m sure he’ll be under investigation, and if he didn’t do it… he’s got a lifetime of guilt to live with.

Full story here.

The Fog is Getting Thicker

Heidi Klum


Monday Haiku


It takes Susan B.’s
But it doesn’t accept these.
Assy Coinstar Bitch.

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