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Only in New York: I

On the uptown 2 this afternoon a homeless man was quietly muttering. Suddenly, he pointed into the crowd and exclaimed, “Oh fuck! It’s Jesus!”

While I love Overheard in New York, I need the immediate gratification of having my submissions visible when they are fresh. While I suppose I can enjoy the surprise of seeing my submission three weeks after the fact I’m going to start posting my ‘overheards’ here as well.

Additionally, I don’t like the new nested category display of Overheard. S. Morgan Friedman you seem to be a busy, busy man. Why all the needless clicking?

Rupert Caught in the Act!

While walking down Broadway (upper Fifties roughly) this morning I saw Rupert Jee of Hello Deli fame. Now the odd part was he was coming out of, you guessed it, a deli. And it appeared he had just purchased a cup of coffee.

Now call me odd, but if I owned a deli I wouldn’t be shelling out a few bucks for coffee just up the street from my place. In fact, if I owned a deli I’d be scarfing down sandwiches

Kick it.


I had to post about this night of kickin

Dear Mets and Yankees,


Okay, now, this insanity needs to stop.

My girlfriend met me in December, just long enough after the embarrassing defeat of the Yankees in the ALCS for me to have accepted it, and no longer cry fitfully through the long winter nights. She met off-season John. And now, she lies in wait for better days.

Stand clear!


Regular riders of the L train probably know that several months ago, the trains began running without conductors during late night hours and on weekends. (For those who don

I Have Seen the Future…

In the locker room at my gym today I saw my future self. This salt n

New Metroblogging NYC Group

upcoming.jpgAll the Metroblogging sites are now using groups to schedule event with authors and readers. Here in NYC we have our own here. Everyone’s welcome–authors and readers alike. We’ll be scheduling another meetup some time in September so create an account, join the group and stay up to date!

One bottle of your finest Pinot Feliniggio.


Cute/handy post on Gothamist today all about what to look for when sniffing/tasting the initial pour of a wine at the table in a restaurant. Print it out, fold it up, and keep it in your wallet.

Seriously, it reminds me of a time when, at a wine tasting with my now ex-girlfriend (this is not why she

Mark of the Lunatic

These signs popped up in the 125th and Lenox area about a week ago. I’m most impressed with this person being so crazy but also dedicated enough to follow through with a) making the sign (nice penmanship too) b) making copies (that had to be a great discussion at the kinko’s counter) and c) posting the signs around the neighborhood before getting distracted by being a crackhead or just a plain ol’ lunatic.


Friday night, I took a cab out to Williamsburg (because that’s how I be livin’, y’all), and half of a potato was thrown into the window at the driver c/o a couple of kids. The cabbie was a bit panicked, as was I, but let me tell you, that shit still beats taking the subway.

Now, I don’t mean to put down those of you who do wait underground in the heat, sweating and shit, to catch a train that may not ever come. But, dudes, with work right across the park (I ride my bike) and enough cash in my pocket to take a taxi on the nights I actually have time to go out, not having to ride the subway anymore is wonderful.

In short: Subway Folk is over.

But, I’m back bitches! So, watch out.

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