Cooler than me, yet still more deserving of a wedgie

So the heat returned to us this weekend. I was wondering where it had gone.

While browsing the sales in Soho on Sunday, I noticed a woman who was wearing a big plastic… thing around her neck. Having just read Vanity Fair’s interview with Martha Stewart, my first thought was that it was some new kind of fancy house-arrest necklace (…I know, I know, if she was under house arrest, why would she be shopping? My first thought is usually not the most rational one). Then I thought, oh, maybe she has some kind of injury or disability, I shouldn’t stare. Still, I had to know.

I casually walked by and snuck a glance at the thing. The text on the side read, “Personal Cooling System.”


She was wearing an air conditioner!

A quick Google search reveals that these things can be purchased for $30 from the Sharper Image catalog, but… come on. It wasn’t THAT hot out, first of all, and honestly, if you can’t leave the house without your ridiculous device, stay inside (or at least admit your geekiness and wear one of those hats with the fans built into the brim). She was not an elderly, enfeebled-looking lady, either. A woman who wears an air conditioner around her neck when she goes shopping probably has central air at home and ice around every bend. I say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the, um, city.

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  1. Anna (unregistered) on July 11th, 2005 @ 11:21 am

    nora! i saw a guy like that at bar-tabac. he was one of the waitstaff and had a cross burned into his skin, so i also thought it was some sort of high-tech house-arrest necklace. i guess i’ll grant him a personal cooling system though. he was a big guy and he was doing pretty stressful work outside in 90 degree heat. not shopping in soho.

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