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If you haven’t experienced B&H, do so with haste. I…I really can’t even put it in words. Conveyor belts above your head, lines everywhere. At first, I thought “this is insane…how can you get anything in this place” but…it is all extremely efficient.

This was a pathetic post, but i’ve been sick.

Desperately Seeking the L Train

I love the L train.
Not because I used to see a boy who lived in Greenpoint, not because I live on the A line, but because its so egalitarian. And air conditioned. And shiny. And tells me what time it is without my having to dig through my bag, looking for my cell phone.

It is because the L train is so friggin great that they’ve decided to fuck with it, using it as the testing grounds for conductorless service. I guess its a natural choice, but I’m still not happy – the L train, unavailable on weekends, means only two things; a sweltering walk across an often smelly avenue or (ew) adventures on the M14. I haven’t once been on this bus without the pleaure of at least one colicky baby.

But as much as I have complained, I really can’t. Is it just me, or are trains running better than ever? And hey, shouldn’t we not be sad that the L is (momentarily suspended-slash) over, but happy that its happened?

Last Night’s Antony & the Johnsons Show at Town Hall

Went to see Antony & the Johnsons last night at Town Hall. Going in I wondered whether he would be able to maintain the haunting and operatic tone he deftly displays on I Am a Bird Now. I had heard only a handful of his live recordings and I wasn

Cause You Might Want To

Breaking news from

Franz Ferdinand (the UK based band not the deceased Archduke) is here in NYC shooting the video for their upcoming single “Do You Want To?” today. They are looking for extras, but be warned: All extras are evidently required to “wear dark clothing and get smashed”–hey I might have been an extra already and not even known it!

I’m not sure if it’s too late, but if you are interested you should email contest AT dominorecordco DOT com ASAP.

Back to the ‘burg.

Here we go again: the upper-west-sider hawking Brooklyn, contemplating heading out to Williamsburg, yet again…

Damn Williamsburg, how I love to hate you. Beckoning out there, so full of so many things that are trying too hard, and yet, sprinkled with just enough that

This one time, in my apartment…



Only in New York

During a short subway ride on the C train from West 4th to Canal Street, I shared a car with (1) a diminutive hispanic man enthusiastically singing a soul version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” at the top of his lungs, (2) a throng of squabbling French tourists stabbing the subway map with their fingers, (3) a fat, sweaty man wearing a Burberry-plaid shirt and a crocheted horizontally striped tie, (4) a mentally challenged midget squintily playing air guitar.

Can I say “only in New York?”

Well, it’s the same old rags ’til September 1.


Awesome. Just in time for “back to school” (whatever), we get another break from sales tax on clothing and shoes under $110. I have to say, that’s one thing I’ve missed about the Giuliani days…

But did anyone else realize that these items were only taxed at 4%? I didn’t. Bad New Yorker!

[image by jonchan]

Lamest Party Ever?

model billboard.jpg
This is a bit late, but last week NYC launched the first ever live model billboard. About 40 models lived on the side of a 3 story Calvin Klein display in midtown for a little over 24 hours. The models were given the directive to create the illusion of a huge, 24 hour long party complete with loud music–Sweet! However, this article says the models were told not to drink or perform risque behavior. Well that blows. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like my kind of party–good thing I missed it.

Everyone is a Suspect

From the department of “Duh” comes this Newsday article warning New Yorkers to be more vigilant when riding subways and buses. It gives a few tell-tale signs of how to spot a potential terrorist (I guess we can scratch wearing a big winter coat in the middle of summer of the list eh London cops?) and the funniest one is to “watch out for people who are sweating profusely” Given the current temperature that seems like stellar advice, really. With the heat index Yahoo! Weather says it feels like 105 degrees outside. Thanks for that helpful tip Newsday.

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