Transportation Meditations

Some piece of wisdom says something along the lines of: Grant me the power to accept the things I cannot change, the power to change the things I can’t accept and the wisdom to know the difference. Which is what I kept repeating as I waited for the godforsaken A train to arrive at 145th in time for me to make a Hail Mary connection to New Jersey Transit. Well. 6 minutes to game over, I felt myself let go. The problem with traffic, I mused as a non-driving youth, is that you can’t to anything but wait for it to pass; scream all you want – in the end, its gotta clear itself up. Public transit, same deal: you are at the mercy of forces beyond your control. Before and after you enter the station is all you but, once you swipe your card through the turnstiles, you become the bitch of the MTA. Which is, actually kind of zen.

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