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Why Hello There Neighbor!

NYC Metblogs is proud to announce the launch of our closest Metblogs neighbor to date–Philadelphia Metblogs was launched today as well as our other new edition Berlin Metblogs. I’d personally like to welcome you both to the awesome (albeit occasionally twisted) world we like to call Metroblogging.

Speaking of Metroblogging, did you know that we now have 29 MetBlog cites internationally? How cool is that? Make sure to check out the Best of Metroblogging where the best of the best from all our cities get posted daily. There is even a seperate RSS feed for “Best Of” and if you are not reading it I can honestly say you are missing out.

See an NYC Metblogs post that you think is “Best Of” worthy? Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments. Word.

Take THAT Cyndi Lauper

Oh poor Cyndi. Can you hear the world

Sketch, Dude!

Freedom Tower?


I know this news is a couple days old but it just now occurred to me, yes I’m slow, that this Freedom Tower should actually be called Freedom Penis. Especially in the above photo, it emanates all its phallic qualities.

From what I hear, this lil’ island was attacked by some “terrorists” several years ago and now after lots of bureaucratic mini-penis fights, the people in charge (guess what? all men!) finally agreed to thrust a big bad erect one into the center of the wound.

So, there you have it, men and their toys. (Except that this toy costs some taxpayers some money.)

Fun with the NYC Water Advisory

Fun! The city just issued a water boiling advisory for today, citing high levels of “particles” in the drinking water supply. Evidently these “particles” can interfere with the water chlorination process and cause all sorts of issues in people with less than stellar immune systems. Rockin’!

Also, evidently the Health Department asked doctors to increase testing for parasitic illnesses and immediately report any diseases, as well as any increase in gastrointestinal symptoms.

I found four articles referencing this advisory, but no one mentions what these “particles” are. Any guesses on what we might be dealing with? Good thing I only drink bourbon…

Extra! Extra! You’ll Buy Cigarettes!

The Sweet Taste of Fresh Meat!

Please welcome me in joining two new bloggers to the ranks at NYC Metblogs–John Hague and Pessimistic Optimist! At the next meetup we’ll be sure to get them so drunk that they wake up somewhere in central Jersey with their underwear on inside-out and no recollection of the previous evening. Cause that’s the way we roll. Uh huh.

In the meantime, let the blogging begin…

NYC Street Tree Census


On walks to brunch, coffee, etc. my roommate and I often conduct totally nerdy but less than scientific surveys of trees on the way. Our classifications (admittedly a little rough) are divided into two categories: cool and uncool.
-Gingko Tree? Nice-shaped leaves, but smelly. Not cool.
-Unknown deciduous Pine? Cool.
That’s why shortly after the activity was invented I was amused and fascinated to learn that New York is conducting it’s own arborial mission called Trees Count. The census takes place over four months and they still need volunteers in some of the boroughs. Now’s the chance to cultivate (or reconnect) with your inner tree dweeb.

13th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships


The 13th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships are taking place from July 1-July 4, 2005 in NYC and Jersey City.

If you can let a sexy bike messenger crash on your couch for the weekend, sign up here.

Competitions include sprints, sprints on stationary hometrainers, bunny hop, a dispatch race, and a messenger race. From the pictures on the website it looks to be good time.

And while you’re in the bike messenger fever, be sure to watch Kevin Bacon’s 1986 masterpiece Quicksilver.
Priceless quote:
Terri: What are you doing?
Jack: I’m oiling my chain.
Terri: Why?
Jack: Because it makes me go faster.

Mermaid Parade!

Saturday’s Mermaid Parade at Coney Island was fabulous. Despite the heat, the mermaids turned out in droves – on the backs of cars and floats, on bikes and rollerskates, and walking, of course. One toddler mermaid pooped out on the back of his red wagon before the parade had really gotten under way, and giggling girls ran out into the middle of the road with their digital cameras to take his picture before he woke up. For the rest of us who stayed awake enough to enjoy it, there were plenty of delights, not the least of which was the ice cream cone I bought when it was over.

The Parade started with classic cars, some restored to better condition than others. My favorite moment during this leg was when, in the midst of old Chryslers and Mustangs, etc., an ordinary minivan – no decorations, and certainly not a “classic” by any means – drove by, containing, it appeared, an ordinary, uncostumed family. Around me, the cheers went up. “Yeah, minivan! I love minivans!” The minivan got way more applause than the nautically-themed hearse, filled with ghoulish mermaids and pirates, that drove by a few minutes later.

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