The Unexamined Life

Friday is the one-year anniversary of my graduation from college, so it’s been on the minds of my friends and I, as we take stock of our lives at this point and if we’re where we thought we would be, etc. etc. So this morning I am thinking about all these things and trying to have a positive outlook despite the fact that I work a boring office job that utilizes basically nothing I learned in school, when,

right in front of me some guy empties his nose into a trashcan. One finger closes one nostril, then he loudly expells the contents of the other nostril into the trashcan. Switch finger/nostril, repeat. It was like something from a movie – a really bad movie – and made me think that perhaps I shouldn’t try to have serious thoughts – shouldn’t try to have ANY thoughts – as I am getting off the subway at 34th St. At least, not first thing in the morning.

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